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rattan side table with drawers, rattan lamps Urban Outfitters

Wooden Rattan Cabinet With Six Draeers, Seamless Floor
Rattan Shelves And Cabinet, White Wall
Rattan Chair With White Cushion, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Patterned Rug
Rattan Sofa With Details On The Armrest, No Back, White Cushion
Rattan Side Table With Round Drawer
Ratta Butterfly Chair, Rattan Round Coffee Table, White Floor, Patterned Rug
Brown Rattan Partition, Grey Floor, White Wall, White Side Table, Grey Bedding
Rattan Round Coffee Table With Wooden Legs
Rattan Plant Stand, Grey Seamless Floor, Patterned Rug
Rattan Side Table With Drawers, Rattan Lamps

Rattan, besides woods, is one of the most popular natural material that people like to use in the room. The flexibility of rattan and the details it can create help to create an interesting look in the room. Furthermore, rattan has light weight that it would be perfect for a light and fresh look in the rooms. It would be an easy thing to move around rattan furniture in the room. If you’re looking for beautiful rattan furniture, here below are some stunning samples.

Rattan Sofa Bench
Sofa and bench is always expected to offer comfort and warmth. Using natural material, like rattan, to support the goals would be a perfect choice, like this one. With white cushion, the rattan bench with arm rest makes a perfect place to have some deep conversation.

Rattan Partition
In the small apartment, having your room parted with room partition can be the smartest way to make a light yet private rooms, especially for the bedroom. Here below putting rattan partition on the bedroom and make the room looks fresh and light. It does not make a total blockage but it lets in some nice see through.

Rattan Chair
Besides sofa, rattan can be made a really beautiful chair as well. The white cushion on the seat and back ensures that you would get the most comfortable time. The detailed pattern that circles the arm rest and back make a pretty look to the room.

Plant Stand
As rattan would be a perfect material for bohemian and natural look, it is just understandable to have rattan plant stand like this. It is beautifully designed that it can help you manage your plants in the room.

Rattan Shelves
Having shelves and little cabinet is always helpful, especially to make more room to store. Having in rattan would not only give the space but also give the beauty, as seen below.

Simple Rattan Table
Adding rattan coffee table would make your living room has an interesting and warm touch, even the simplest addition like this one here.

Rattan Couple
An interesting and fresh look is seen in this couple. The round coffee table and butterfly chair makes a sweet and natural look that would go great in the living room, or as an addition in the corner of the room where you can drink a cup of tea and read a book.

Pretty Side Table
This rattan side table is really pretty. With the curve on the side, it gives a warm and smooth accent to the room. It also allows you to have some storage under the top.

Rattan Side
Similar to the previous one, this one also a pretty and warm rattan side table. With smooth wooden surface and the rattan drawers, the side table looks perfect and warm.

Rattan Cabinet
Putting on the perfect cabinet in the bedroom can be tricky. But, if you love natural look, this wooden-rattan cabinet would be a perfect addition to your bedroom.

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