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some rattan pendants with different shape, white textured kitchen, white wall, white bottom cabinet, patterned floor, blue upper cabinet Apartment Therapy

Rattan Pendant, Wooden Table, White And Golden Metal Chairs, White Wall
Round Rattan Pendant, White Wall, White Side Table, White Bedding, White Curtain
Long Rope Pendant For Reading Lamp Beside Wooden Bed Platform, White Headboard, Wooden Floor, White Ottoman, White Rug, Wooden Side Table
Black Rattan Pendant, Seamless Floor, White Wall, Wooden Rattan Sofa And Chairs With White Cushions, White Cabinet
Round Rattan Pendants, Living Room With White Planks On The Wall And Ceiling, Wooden Bench With Striped Cushion, Black Round Coffee Table, Dark Patterned Rug
Beige Rattan Pendants, Wooden Table, White Chairs, White Wooden Floating Shelves
Wave Rattan Pendants, White Wall, White Curtain, Green White Chair, Wooden Table
Kitchen, Grey Floor Tiles, Grey Wall, Black Cabinet With Golden Lines, Wooden Floating, Yellow Door, White Wire Steel Chair, White Round Table, Rattan Pendant
Living Room, Brown Floor Tiles, White Wall, Pink Patterned Sofa, Dark Wooden Round Coffee Table, Light Wooden Side Table, Rattan Pendant
Some Rattan Pendants With Different Shape, White Textured Kitchen, White Wall, White Bottom Cabinet, Patterned Floor, Blue Upper Cabinet

The natural look has its own charm. Over the years, it can come back anytime. It is a long lasting look with warmth in it. Installed as a lighting fixture, it can give a beautiful finish to the room. Here below are gorgeous rattan pendants that have unique designed ready as inspirations for you. With its pretty details, it can give warm textures to your room.

Round Rattan
In this corner, a round rattan pendant is served as the finish touch of the sight. With its gorgeous holes pattern, the pendant can steal the sight strongly. The patterned rug and pillows also bring warmth that match the pendant’s vibe.

Rattan Long Pendant
In this picture below, it is seen that small pretty pendant like these can compliment a bedroom with bohemian or natural look. It will also be great for a rustic and beach bedroom. Hung on long rope makes the pendants hung low perfect for reading lamps.

Round Pendant
Similar to the previous one, this one here is also hung from the ceiling to be a bedside lamp. With this, you will be able to enjoy reading time before you go to sleep. And, of course, with style.

A Group of Rattan
In this interesting kitchen with patterned floor and bold blue upper cabinet among the neutral look, some rattan pendants are added to prettify the kitchen boldly. And in this modern kitchen, the pendants add warmth in its unique random arrangement.

Wide Open
In this traditional kitchen with modern touch on the dining table set, the rattan pendant is seen so bold in its wide design. This rattan pendant has bold impression on the neutral kitchen without looking too pronounced. It blends perfectly well.

Wave Rattan
In this stunningly beautiful dining table, the wicker rattan pendant is stealing all the focus with its wave shape. It shows a flowing movement molds in a pendant with rattan. It beautifies the dining room in whole different level.

Hood Rattan
Above this dining table is an interesting shape of rattan pendant. With its hood shape, it matches the dining area perfectly as it is a shape where in traditional culture used to protect everything on the dining room. It is a great symbolism.

Beige Details
Similar to the previous one, this one here is also placed above the dining table. It surely gives the dining set pretty ambiance that will make the meal time feels more exciting.

Rattan Hive
This one here also has an interesting design with shape like wasp hive. It obviously completes natural details that this room has already had with warm brown floor tiles, dark wooden coffee table, and wooden side table.

Black Rattan
While the previous ones shows a quite natural look for natural material, this one here goes with dark black to color the rattan. It brings quite a bold look in the modern simple living room.

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