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rattan frame with flowery cushion, fur blanket, floor lamp, rattan rug, side table Home Designing

Beige Tufted Cushion Shaped Like Chairs, Rug, Beige Wall
White Cuhioned Tall Chair, Rattan Rug, Rattan Box As Table, Rattan Shade
Grey Lounge Chair Near The Window, Rattan Rug, Sconce, Wooden Stool, Wooden Floor
Green Tufted Lounge Chair With Wooden Legs, Wooden Stool, White Rug, Wooden Floor, White Pot
Sloping Wall, Floating Wooden Bench, White Cushion, White Pillows, Builtin Shelves, Large Windows
White Dented Nook With Small Windows, Curtain, Chandelier, Cushion, Pillows
White Lounge Chair Under Sloping Ceiling With Glass Window, White Low Cabinet, White Round Ottoman, Rug, Floating Shelves
Round Rattan Chair With White Cushion, Pillows, Plants, Window With White Curtain
Round Alcove With Wooden Wall, Wooden Bench, Cushion, Pillow, Wooden Arch
Rattan Frame With Flowery Cushion, Fur Blanket, Floor Lamp, Rattan Rug, Side Table

Reading is such a private activity where you will want the perfect ambiance and time to do it in your own way and time. These pictures below will show ten perfect reading nook that any bookworm will love to spend their days in it.

Tufted Cushion
For those who love to get a deep curve while reading, this fluffy and comfortable cushion will give you the perfect answer to your need. Locate this near the window and this will be your favorite spot in the house.

Lounge to Lay
As reading can make you hold your sitting position in a long time, having a comfortable lounge chair like this one will help your body to not feel sore too easily. Located near the tall large glass window and shaded by sheer curtain, this can be a happy place for you.

Modern Lounge
This one here looks comfortable and modern for a reading spot. The tuft brings texture and details to the corner while the curvy lounge will make sitting more comfortable as it follows your body curve.

White and Rattan
If you love natural rattan look, this one here can give you a perfect example on how to add it to your personal nook. This one adds rattan box as the table while also using it on the floor and shade. TO get the most comfortable seat, it uses a fluffy white chairs with tall back.

Bohemian Reader
As for bohemian style, a simple touch can bring the nature vibe easily. Used in this one is a round rattan chair shaped like bowl cushioned with white cushion and pillows. This makes a comfortable seat to cocoon yourself.

Adorable Rattan
Similar to the previous one, this one here also uses rattan frame to create reading spot. With pastel flowery cushion, the chair looks soft and pretty.

Corner Nook
While the previous one uses chair to create reading nook, this one here uses nook on the wall and create a comfortable corner with small windows and chandelier. Putting curtain to block the outer nook makes it like a small private corner.

Under the Sloping Ceiling
Another great place for reading is under the sloping ceiling with glass window. This way, you will feel like to read under the sun outdoor. OF course, without the necessities to go outside. Putting lounge chair which is perfect to relaxing reading time would add the perfection of this corner.

Round Arch
This one here would make anyone sigh because of its beauty. The wooden arch that leads to wooden alcove completed with wooden bench and cushion is a perfect spot to read, especially when it is located just inside a library, like this.

Modern Window Nook
While the previous brings classic look, this one here is more modern. And not only that, it is also created on the slanting wall. The built-in shelves inside will make your reading time feels easier.

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