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reading nook with wooden floor, white wall, floating shelves in the alcove, grey chair with ottoman, orange floor lamp, near the window Design Milk

Reading Nook In A Corner With Wooden Floor, Beige Chair, Mustard Pillow, White Round Side Table, Plants, Floor Lamp, Near The Balcony
A Room With White Cushions With So Many Pillows, Board For Tea
Olive Green Chair With Round Side Table, Table Lamp, White Wooden Shelves, Near The Window
Reading Nook With Grey Floor, Grey Modern Chair With Ottoman, White Shelves, Grey Wall
Reading Nook With Wooden Floor, White Wall, Floating Shelves In The Alcove, Grey Chair With Ottoman, Orange Floor Lamp, Near The Window
Reading Nook With Wooden Floor, White Comfortable Lounge Chair, White Curtain, Bookshelves Along The Wall
Reading Corner In An Alcove With Rug, Wooden Shelves, Leather Lounge Chair With Wooden Stool, Floor Lamp, Near The Window
Reading Nook In A Corner With Wooden Floor, Rug, Light Grey Chair With Dark Grey Ottoman, White Wall, Wooden Cabinet, Round Side Table
Reading Corner With Stripes Chair, Stripes Ottoman, Near The Window
Reading Corner With White Round Table, Rug, Dark Blue Chair With Ottoman, Shite Shelves, Silver Floor Lamp, Near The Windows

Reading nook is a really important place for a bookworm. Creating a reading nook is like creating a bedroom without getting too comfortable to sleep. The best reading nook is the one that can give you the comfort to sit reading a book for hours but still gives you the focus in reading, especially when you need to read a long non-fiction book. Here are some ideas on comfortable corner for a serious reader.


Near the Window

One of the best thing that a reading corner can have is bright light. Positioned near the window will allow the reader to have maximum light. And when the day is too bright, curtain with the right shade can help filter the light.


Near the Balcony

While maximum light is easily received in a corner near the window, balcony can help to filter the light so that it wouldn’t hit the room too brightly. So, if you have a balcony, the next room will be a perfect place to put a reading nook, especially when the balcony is well shade.


In the Corner 

For houses corner that has been used for another purpose, corner like this is still a great place to read. The absence of maximum light is compromised by a very comfortable chair with its ottoman.


Modern Lines

A reading nook does not have to be always bulky to who the comfort. Sometimes modern clean lines can work as good. Plus, with modern look, the reading corner will look sophisticated and up to date.


Stripes Couch

One of the important part of a comfortable reading corner is the comfort of the chair. A comfortable chair with a soft back will give any reader the pleasure in spending the time. An ottoman that both can be the foot rest and coffee table is a really nice touch.


Modern Dark Blue 

While reading corner can look so weighing the room, this one here with clean lines successfully shows the modern ambiance. The dark blue color also completes the look of modernity among the white surrounding.


Modern Comfort

Getting modern clean lines in a room does not mean getting less comfort. With the right shape, it will offer as much comfort with other fluffy chair.


Leather Lounge 

Sitting and reading for a long time can easily make you feel stiff and sore. However, it you have enough pillow to support your back and arm, reading can be without sore feeling. This chair here looks so comfortable to read with its comfortable leather material and the long length of the chair that will enable you to easily fold or straighten your feet.


As Good as Bed

While some people avoid getting too comfortable when they read, there are people who had a really hard day and crave a really comfortable seat when they read. A lounge like this one here probably the best for them. The smooth and soft surface looks so inviting both to read and to sleep.


A Large Place

Sometimes, when reading has made your body stiff and sore, all you need to do is stretching. Of course, reading in bed might not be ideal since it sometimes does not allow you to have straight back. However, with bed, it’s easy to stretch without getting out of the bed.

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