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wooden floating shelves, wooden floor, wooden table, navy wall Cup of Jo

Wooden Floating Shelves, Wooden Cabinet, White Wall, Wooden Floor, Strolling Stairs
White Corner Bookshelves, Wooden Floor, White Bench, Round Nesting Table
Wooden Floating Shelves, Wooden Floor, Wooden Table, Navy Wall
White Bookshelves With Longer Part At The Bottom, Wooden Floor, Rug
White Wooden Floating Bookshelves, Woden Stairs, Woden Platform, Black Metal Fireplace
Floating Bookshelves In The Living Room Follows The Door Lines, White Wooden Floor, Black Table, Black Leather Chair, Wooden Cabinet
Floating Book Shelves In The Living Room, Wooden Stool Wth Globe, Black White Chair, White Wall, Hanging Plants
White Floating Bookshelves, Wooden Floor, White Chair, White Ottoman
White Floating Bookshelves, White Side Table, Wooden Table, White Chair
Floating Bookshelves In L, White Wall, Wooden Floor, Floor Lamp With Small Lamp, Rattan Basket, White Woven Leather Chair

When you have a large house, you might easily find a room for library or study room. However, when you have limited space or you just want to have an open room for library, you might want to have your living room as a place where you can read and study. Here below are ten comfortable reading and working space you can find some inspirations from.

Simply Floating
Floating shelves is everybody’s favorite as it helps to make the room not too cramped. It als offers familiarity and cozy look. Seen in this one, the bookshelves is floating with support on the wall.

Floating L
Similar with the previous one, this one here also uses floating bookshelves to support the books. Positioned in L, this on here can save some space for another furniture, seen in this is a comfortable woven leather chair.

With Study Table
As an open room, the living room might be able to contain a small study table set so that you can get more comfortable place to open your book or laptop and work on your things.

Rolling Stairs
As bookshelves are sometimes tall, it would be difficult to reach some of the books on top of the stack. This one here puts rolling stairs in quite big size. Although it might seem too big, it actually can be a seat when you read the book too.

On the Wall
This one here shows a really interesting look. The floating bookshelves follows the line of the door that it lines from the floor to the upper par of the wool.

Around the Fireplace
A common place where bookshelves are put is around the fireplace. Reading in front of a fireplace in a cold winter day would be so comfortable.

Add the Ottoman
While adding bookshelves in the living room, you might want to have the most comfortable seating. You can put it in front of the shelves and enjoy your reading. An ottoman can be really helpful to add comfort or to put your glass.

Study Shelves
If in the previous one you add a study table set, in this one, the table is the extension of the bookshelves. The bottom part of the shelves is wider and it can be used for study space. This shelve is brilliant.

Corner Shelves
Using the corner space of the room can make the room used maximally. This one here is positioned near the window too that it makes the corner not too dark and dull. The white corner bookshelves match the modern look of the living room.

Rustic Shelves
In this dark environment, the wooden bookshelves and table puts a strong rustic accent, especially as it is combined with black animal rug. The rustic accent makes the living room warm. Added with wooden table in front of it, it would also be a comfortable place to study.

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