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rectangular pool rectangular spa black tiled pool bluestone paver pool gray pool bench flowers J Tortorella Swimming Pool

Rectangular Pool Spa Rectangular Hot Tub Granite Wall Small Fountain Wooden Deck Glass Door
Rectangular Pool Spa Hot Tub White Edges Wooden Deck Wooden Bench
Raised Pool Raised Spa Black Granite Beige Granite Paver Tiled Floor Pool Concrete Bench Hill Cactus
Rectangular Pool Spa Hot Tub Concrete Paving Patio Outdoor Living Space Fireplace Wooden Deck Pool Benches
Rectangular Pool Rectangular Hot Tub Raised Spa Concrete Paving Palm In Pool Lighting
Rectangular Pool Spa Hot Tub Mosaic Tiled Line Granite Floor Patio Pool Seating Backyard
Rectangular Poool Raised Hot Tub Spa Concrete Paver Pool Bench Garden Arched Wall
Rectangular Pool Rectangulat Hot Tub Spa Wood Deck Mosaice Tiled Edge Pool Benches Outdoor Space Rocks
Rectangular Pool Rectangular Spa Hot Tub Stone Line Tiled Deck Pool Seating Palms Beach
Rectangular Pool Rectangular Spa Black Tiled Pool Bluestone Paver Pool Gray Pool Bench Flowers

The existence of swimming pool is always searched for because it might be the final refreshing spot in our home. You spend your time at the swimming pool because you do not only enjoy swimming but relaxing at the spa or hot tub. This article will provide you a gallery of ten fascinating ideas of rectangular pool with spa or hot tub.

Contemporary Transitional Swimming Pool

It is a contemporary transitional rectangular swimming pool with hot tub in front of covered patio. This pool is so impressive because it is designed with concrete paving and some decorations such as ball lights and wooden deck. In addition, it would be a dreamy swimming pool because it has outdoor living space and covered cooking spot.

Modern Backyard Swimming Pool

It is stunning idea of modern backyard swimming pool with hot tub or spa because this pool has refreshing small fountains directly flowing to the pool. The black granite wall is matched with the pool edges and the wooden deck goes along well with the house’s siding.

Beach Style Swimming Pool

This stunning idea of swimming pool with spa provides you with the great ambiance of refreshing beach and some palms. This pool has concrete edge and the stone for the edge of the tub. It also provides you with some pool seating benches that enable you to enjoy the adorable view of the beach.

Contemporary Minimalist Swimming Pool

If you want to have a simple minimalist yet contemporary swimming pool, you should go with this idea. This rectangular swimming pool is completed with rectangular spa and designed with black edges. The paving of this pool is concrete with some comfortable pool seating.

Swimming Pool and Outdoor Space

It is an impressive idea of swimming pool combined with outdoor living space that can inspire you. This rectangular swimming pool is completed with the spa with mosaic tiled edge. As you may see, the deck is made of wooden material and this pool is also decorated with some benches in front of the rocks.

Phoenix Swimming Pool And Spa

A little sneak peak to the hill view from this spot. It is a rectangular swimming pool with raised spa in black edges. The paving is granite material and a built-in pool bench is here to complete this great ambiance.

Blue Lake Swimming Pool

It is adorable backyard swimming pool with spa designed with white edges and mosaic tiled floor. It has wooden deck and wooden seating as well. It is simple yet alluring design of swimming pool.

Palm Swimming Pool

The rectangular pool and raised hot tub in tropical area with some palm trees. What interesting from this pool is the in-pool lights that make the view more adorable.

Summer Rectangular Pool

The style of rectangular pool with raised hot tub typically in the heritage place with concrete pavement or edges. You can go with this idea if you like something classic yet comfy.

Backyard Swimming Pool Remodel

It is also backyard swimming pool idea with covered hot tub or spa. The rectangular spa has stunning mosaic tiled edge and a bit separated by the main pool.

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