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bathroom, white subway wall tiles, red accent wall, red side, white vanity, white sink, two mirrors Home Designing

Bathroom, Black White Checkered Floor, White Wainscoting, Red Wall, White Framed Window, White Anity, White Framed Mirror
Bathroom, White Subway Wall Tiles, Red Accent Wall, Red Side, White Vanity, White Sink, Two Mirrors
Bathroom, White Floor With Red Pattern, Red Wainscoting Wall With White Patterns, White Wall, White Toiet With Red Lid, White Sink
Red Vanity, Red Wallpaper With Zebra Prints, White Sink
Bathroom, White Hexagonal Tiles, Red Wall, Whtie Sink, Silver Faucet
Bathroom, Grey Wall, White Toilet, White Sink, Mirror, Red Floor
Red Wall, Grey Marble Floating Vanity, White Sink, Golden Accent
Bathroom, Light Grey Floor, White Wall, Red Floating Cabinet, Red Accent Wall, Glass Partition, White Toilet
Bathroom, Grey Floor, Red Wal, Wite Framed Round Window, White Cabinet, White Framed Mirror, White Sconce, White Toilet
Bathroom, Red Smal Subway Tiles On Wall And Floor, Wooden Cabinet, White Sink, White Tub, White Rug

Red is surely a powerful color. Using red in a room would make the room drips with strong impressive energy. However, putting on red can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when the room is large. If you want to paint your rooms in red, the smallest room in the house can surprisingly be so strong without all the overwhelming feeling: bathroom. Here below are ten powerful bathroom that will bring you the fun in giving strong impression.

Paint It Red
The simplest thing to do in getting a red bathroom would be by painting the wall in red, just like seen in this one below. To make a pretty contrast, the bathroom is partnered with white in the toilet, cabinet, and framed. This setting is easily doable.

Red Floor
While the previous one puts strong red on the wall, this one puts it on the floor and leave the wall in grey. The grey wall makes the red floor look so pronounced and alive.

Red Here and There
This long bathroom looks strong with red accent on the shower area which is strengthened with red floating cabinet on the side of the wall. The contrast of red and white looks powerful and pretty at the same time.

Red Accent
If you want to add some spice in the white bathroom, adding red for the accent wall can make a strong statement. This white vanity with white tiles look pop up with red accent wall and vice versa. This setting makes each color looks strong.

Merry Red
When you’re captivated by the strong pull of red, it is endearing to make the room in all red color. To make it even more interesting is by adding some patterns. This one here adds black and white zebra to the bright red and makes the corner look sophisticated.

Elegance Corner
If you want to match your elegance bathroom with a corner in red, this one might be a great inspirations to get from. The dark red corner is prettified with golden lines and completed with dark marble vanity and white sink.

Red White Wall
Combining red and white both in the wal and floor as well as the furniture, this bathroom shows a beautiful traditional look. The small patterns on the floor and wall makes the room feel like an old room.

Traditional Red
Similar to the previous one, this one also has traditional look with its white wainscoting and checkered floor. However, the red wall puts a strong contrast to the bathroom that makes it incredible.

Red Subway Tiles
Subway tiles are popular in so many different shades. And if you want to decorate the room in red, red subway tiles can help you to get the strong and modern look, like this one here.

White Beehive
Similar to subway tiles, hexagonal tiles are also on high demand. This one here puts a modern look with strong white and red color.

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