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red dining room wood floor red wall and ceiling chandelier red curtains pink valances brown dining table and chairs artwork SGH Designs inc.

Red Dining Room Wall Sconces Metalic Chandelier White Chairs Area Rug Round Dining Silver Legs Table Bed Headboard
Red Dining Room Red Wall Red Rug White Dining Table And Chairs Artwork Wood Flooring Chandelier Indoor Plants Flowers Arrangement
Red Dining Room Pearls Chandelier White Chairs Large Wooden Brown Table With Silver Chairs Red Artwork Wood Floor
Red Dining Room Chandeliers Red Dining Table And Chairs Red Walls Artwork Wood Flooring Red Curtains Herringbone Floor
Red Dining Room Glass Windows With White Frame Chandelier Brown Cabinet And Drawers Brown Tile Floor Wood Table And Chairs
Red Dining Room Black And White Artwork Wall Sconce Indoor Plant Dining Table And Chairs Chandelier White Curtain Black Curtain Rod
Red Dining Room Wood Floor Red Wall And Ceiling Chandelier Red Curtains Pink Valances Brown Dining Table And Chairs Artwork
Red Dining Room Small Dining Room Windows White Trim Photograph Grey Chairs Area Rug Wood Floor Round White Dining Table
Red Dining Room Chairs Chandelier Dining Table And Chairs Mirror Red Walls Rustic Chairs Indoor Plant Wood Floor
Red Dining Room Chandelier Patterned Wide Rug Dining Table And Chairs With Red Cushions White French Glass Doors And Windows Mirror

Many restaurants have made the red color as the color base of their buildings. Because red color is an attractive and appetizing color, it is believed that it will draw the customers’ attention.  You can also apply red color in your dining room. Besides the color is nice for your dining room, it will also attract your guests. You can paint the dining room wall with red or get some red furniture. Red is also suitable for the wood floor. The following are some adorable red dining room choices that will increase you and your family ‘s appetite.

A Contemporary Gem

This dramatic red dining room features ebony floor, red walls, red ceiling, dining room side chairs, 2 wing chairs, a large red area rug with dark brown border. The ceiling has recessed lighting while a gold chandelier is placed above the entryway of this dining room.

Red Wallpaper for Dining Room Wall

Enjoying a meal with family or friends is not only about the food, but also creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in your dining room. Red can stimulate the appetite and an energizing color. If you want to have a red wall with textured visual, you can get a red wallpaper like this one.

A Red Dining Room with New England Style

This dining room shows a warm dining area with New England style and wood furniture pieces. You can also get warm lighting from the chandelier, wall sconce, and the under cabinet lighting.

Elegant Dining Room

Just like a red dress or red shoes, a red dining room can be an elegant and sexy room. Your family and guests will be comfortable and ready for a lively conversation. This red dining room is decorated with black and white artwork.

Bright Floor for A Red Dining Room

The combination of red and cream in this dining room is beautiful. You can arrange the red dining table and chairs in the center of cream herringbone floor. It will make this room more spacious with the bright floor.

Mirrored Dining Room Features

A futuristic feel you can feel in this small red dining room comes from the wall sconces, dining table set, and the chandelier. The chandelier and table legs have got mirrored material.

A Minimalist Dining Space

A small family will really love this dining space. The white dining table and grey chairs are placed near the window to get more intimate meeting and lighting.

A Timeless Dining Room

A red area rug can also add color to a dining room. You can get neutral color furniture to be set on the rug.

Traditional Vibe with A Modern Twist

The strong red walls in this dining room set the tone for the rustic dining table and chairs. The mirror makes this dining room more interesting.

Fortuny Stencil in Gold on Red

The red cushions of the dining chairs and the red dining wall are a nice red combination. It is not wallpaper, it’s a stencil done in gold over the red painted wall.

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