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kitchen, grey seamless floor, white patterned backsplash, pink upper cabinet, red bottom cabinet BYD

Kitchen, Marble Counter Top, Red Upper Cabinet, Red Bottom Cabinet
Kitchen, Grey Seamless Floor, White Patterned Backsplash, Pink Upper Cabinet, Red Bottom Cabinet
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Upper Cabinet, Red Bottom Cabinet, Wooden Top, Wooden Dinign Set, Black Pendant
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Cabinet, Red Backsplash, White Pendant
Dry Ktichen, White Floor, Red Island, White Wall, White Ceiling, White Wall, Golden Pendants, Dark Green Frame, White Counter Top
Kitchen, Red Wall, White Cabinet, White Upper Cabinet, Black Counter Top
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Red Cabinet, Green Wall, White Backsplash, White Sink, White Pendants
Kitchen, White Plank Wall, White Wooden Cabinet, Wooden Counter Top, Red Rug, Red Stool
Kitchen, Grey Seamless Floor, Green Bottom Cabinet, Green Backsplash, Blue Upper Cabinet, White Ceiling, Red Island
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Ceiling, White Pendants, White Island, White Counter Top, Red Stools, Red Fridge, Exposed Wall

Red is always a strong and bold color. It gives a room the flame you want. With red, a nice contrast will be created and the room will look energetic. If you do not want to put too strong of touches, you might want to add some red touches in the room. One of the best rooms you can try to make some red spots to be beautiful is the kitchen. Here below are ten stunning red kitchens you will want to see for inspirations.

Red Cabinet
If you are bold enough to put some strong red line, putting red cabinet at the bottom and the top gives a strong and bold move. This one here combines white backsplash and sink as the balance to the room while also gives a strong contrast beautifully.

Bottom Red
Similar to the previous one, red looks so bold and long in this kitchen as it is used in the bottom cabinet. Combined with blue on the wall, the room looks contrast without being too forward as white is in between.

Red Island
The combination in this kitchen below is interesting seen from the green, blue, turquoise, and red color in one space. The green blue wall and cabinet blends very well while the red island puts a significant point in strong contrast.

Red Pink
The kitchen in this one below puts an interesting blending colors with red, pink, and white color. The white backsplash gives a neutral and makes each color look pronounced and pop up. The blush upper cabinet brings a sweet touch to the room while red and white make a strong look.

Red White
This kitchen puts contrast in simple combination of red and white. The stark white color brings red in more pronounced finish while the wooden floor brings warmth and neutral touch.

Dry Kitchen
Putting red to small corner like dry kitchen or bar can make a strong difference. This one here puts red in the island for dry kitchen. And it makes the neutral look dining room feels strong.

Deep Red
Similar to one of the previous one, this one also put red on the cabinet both upper and bottom. The deep red color looks luxurious combined with white marble counter top. The farmhouse style brings warmth to the strong kitchen.

Red Tools
Adding red does not always mean you have to change anything big in red. You can gather red kitchen tools and create an interesting red spots in white canvas like this one.

Red Fridge
Similar to the previous one, this one also brings red in little amount. With white and neutral canvas, the red stools and fridge pop out prettily. The red additions, even though are small, look so strong and bold.

Red Wall
If you love a strong character like red cabinet, you will love this one too. The red wall looks deep and strong and put a nice contrast to the red cabinet.

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