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Red has been associated with energy and power and to bring red color in a room means adding these to the room. However, to create a powerful and energizing room, it does not have to be red in the entire room. Adding some accents are sometimes enough. Here below are some inspirations of red accents in the living room.

Red Pillows
Adding red in a neutral or white background can have a dramatic effect. It can make the room feel more alive. Seen here below are a room with light colors added with red pillows, tray, table lamp, even some flower. This makes the room looks energizing.

Red Holder
Adding red color to the room can also be done by adding bright red accessory to the room, like a magazine holder. The item may not be really necessary to the room with table and shelves under, but the color brings the room more energized, especially with its red curtain.

Red Cabinet
Another thing that can be added to the room to connect with passionate red is a cabinet. It can be small or big cabinet. However, seen in this living room, a big wooden cabinet in red is really powerful. With its ashen look, though, the red is not dominating.

White Chair
Adding red chairs to the room with already has two sofas in different colors might look crowded but with white on the background, it looks empowering, rather than making the room crowded. Seen here in the picture are two lovely red chairs completing the room with white and green sofa.

Red Sofa
The most important furniture in a living room is probably sofa. It is the characteristic of a living room, with sofa, there is a living room. Thus, adding red in the sofa can make the room really strong both in colors and in the furniture itself.

Red on Grey
Another the use of red sofa in the living room is seen below. With this red sofa, the grey painted wall is more fun. Added by colorful pillows, the grey nuanced room looks more cheerful and stronger.

Red on Yellow
While red sofa can add a powerful note in a neutral look room, in the already bright room, it completes and creates a pop colors together. Seen below are a comfortable red corner sofa with yellow coffee table and colorful rug.

Red Cladding
Another way to add red in the living room is by adding or painting your wall cladding red. This panels will make the room look half red. Or, painting the room in half red can do the tricks too, although without the texture that cladding offers.

Red Accent Wall
Similar to the previous one in adding red to the wall an accent wall can also do the tricks. See here, though, not only accent wall, the sofa, chair, lamps, curtain and accessories are in red. It creates the balanced room between passionate red and neutral grey and wooden furniture.

Reg Rug
Another thing that can be added to bring red passionate feeling is the rug. Simple and modern rug of red can brings more energy to the room. However, adding some matching red in accessories would be better.

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