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kitchen, grey wooden floor, red island with white marble top, white stool, red cabinet, white counter top, white backsplash, grey wall, white pendants Better Homes & Gardens

Kitchen, Grey Wooden Floor, Red Island With White Marble Top, White Stool, Red Cabinet, White Counter Top, White Backsplash, Grey Wall, White Pendants
Front Porch, Beige Floor, Red Rocking Chair White Cushion, Red Rattan Chairs White Cushions, Red Pillows, Square Coffee Table With Glass Top, Red White Stripes Rug
Living Room, White Wooden Floor, Grey Rug, Grey Sofa, Wooden Coffee Table, Dark Red Wall, White Fireplace, Wooden Beam, Wooden Console Table
Bathroom, Grey Floor Tiles, Red Mosaic Wall Tiles, Acrylic Partition, White Toilet, White Sink, Chandelier
Front Porch, Red Wooden Floor, White Chairs, White Rocking Chairs Red Cushion, White Sofa, White Coffee Table, White Bench, Grey Wall, Wooden Ceiling, Red Door
Rustic Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Red Cabinets, Red Framed Window, Black Counter Top
Front Door On Balcony, White Round Table, White Chair, Red Pillows, Plants, Rattan Rug
Reading Nook, White Wall, White Red Stripes Cushion, Red Patch Rug, Wooden Floor, Wooden Study, Brown Chair
Bathroom, White Wooden Floor, White Round Tub, Red Wall, Red Chair, White Sink, Crystal Chandelier
Bedroom, Golden Wallpaper, Brown Wraparound Tufted Headboard, Red Pillows, Bedside Table, Red Curtain

Many people have said that red will be a trend color in 2019. Well, we’ll see what will happen in this year. However, to prepare on the trending red, here below are some gorgeous passionate red rooms that you will love too.

Red Hints on Porch
A welcome will be really passionate with red. It’s energizing and warm. In this porch, the reds take place on the chairs and rug.

Very Passionate
While the previous one uses red on the furniture, this one here uses it for the wooden floor and door, and let the furniture mostly in white. However, with large porch, the red floor looks beautifully large.

Red Door
Similar to the previous one, this balcony also uses red door to depicts a strong impression. And even though it’s only the door, it has pulled the attention the best.

Red Living Room
As red can be tricky with its strong look, it is safe sometimes to go to the warmer side, the dark maroon as seen in this living room here. With dark red on the wall only, the room has looked so red. And as it’s quite muted, it looks good with the modern vibe of this room.

Red Curtain
As it’s difficult to let the burning red into the bedroom, this one here does not let go of red and putting it into the items that can be changed: the pillows and curtain. And it is enough to bring out the red vibe.

Festive Kitchen
Painting a kitchen red is about how bold and brave you are to let it happen. And this one here is confident to see that red has brought energy to the kitchen. The beautiful red has covered all the cabinet on the bottom and upper. Accompanied with white as accent, red can’t be bolder than this.

Rustic Red
Similar to the previous one, red has rules this one in the entire cabinet and even window framed. However, the strong rustic vibe from all the wooden beams, wall, and floor has humbled red to look warmer.

Modern Red
Red color can come in the bathroom in so many form. It can be the tiles on the floor, wall, backsplash, toilet, sink, or many other. And this one has red on the accent wall all in mosaic tiles. This tiny tiles has brought unique reflection of light, especially with this beautiful unique lighting fixture.

Luxurious Red
Red has been a great friend of luxurious look as it looks good together with gold and crystal. And this one here has befriended with crystal chandelier that looks immensely stunning in this bathroom with red glossy wall.

Red Corner
It is a happy thing to have a private corner in the house where you can read or talk to your friends in more comfortable and private ambiance. Decorating it with red does not mean you have to change everything to look boldly red. This one here obviously only change the sheets on the cushion and put the rug on the floor to have red cool vibe.

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