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patio, grey floor tiles, rattan bench with curve frame, rattan bench with pink cushion Anthropologie

Patio, Wooden Floor, Wooden Wall, White Brick Wall, White Bench, White Coffee Table, Pink Chair
Patio, White Wall, Pink Rattan Bench, Wooden Coffee Table
Patio, Wooden Floor, Rattan Chairs, Rattan Swing Chair
Patio, Brown Floor Tiles, White Wall, Flower, White Table, Brick Wall
Patio, Wooden Floor, White Wooden Wall, Yellow Chair, Yellow Ottoman, Rattan Bench And Chair, Blue Nesting Table, Black White Rug
Patio, White Black Floor Tiles, White Wall, Built In Bench With Pink Cushion, Black Pendants
Patio, Grey Floor Tiles, Rattan Bench With Curve Frame, Rattan Bench With Pink Cushion
Patio, White Wall, Grey Floor Tiles, Low Benches,
Patio, Patterned Rug, Rattan Chair, Brown Leather, Wooden Coffee Table, Yellow Wall
Patio, White Blue Patterned Floor Tiles, Rattan Bench With White Blue Cushion, Wooden Coffee Table

Patio is a great privilege that nobody would reject the chance to have it. With patio, you would have your own open space, no matter how small it is. Having patio would also makes you feel more excited in decorating your space. This would lead to pick the most comfortable and stylish chairs and table while also putting some pretty accessories. Here below are some refreshing and relaxing patio ideas that can help you see some inspirations.

open and Refreshing
This patio puts an open look with tall and white wall and neutral details. These details make interesting look with the small orange dots on the pillows, table and cushion. The grey neutral floor tiles make the space feels spacious in neutral and easy way.

Warm and Open
This warm patio look is supported with brown floor tiles and refreshing plants on the pots while the brick wall surrounding the place gives an interesting warm look that gets along with the floor.

Sweet and Strong
The rattan bench in this patio makes a really fresh look with its strong sweet ambiance. The rattan benches give fresh and natural look that makes the patio feels even fresher and the colors and patterns make the space look prettier.

Patterned Blue
Giving patterns in the open space can make the space looks full. However, it can also make the space feels more interesting and cheerful. This one here puts an interesting look on the patterned floor and cushion while the natural material bridges the space with the open space.

Sweet Escape
This large patio gives an interesting and fresh ambiance for you to relax here. The built-in bench along the wall gives lots of space to have your friends and family gather around without making the space looks crowded with chairs or sofa. This one here adds more to it with dining table in the middle.

Warm with Patterns
This is another patio that has warmth which is supported with patterns shown on the rug, pillows and ottoman. Not only that, the background also has patterns that is supported by natural trees.

Patio in the Balcony
Patio can also be designed in your apartment. With a balcony, you have your own open space, even though it is small. Here below has a pretty look in the small space with pink rattan sofa.

Cheerful Swing
This patio makes a really fun and cheerful look with its rattan materials on the chairs, swing and even he wall and roof. The setting feels amazing, especially with its dining set in the middle that makes the patio can work both for dining and simple relaxing.

The Fresh Yellow
Creating fresh space can be done by adding yellow colors as accents. Here below adding yellow with chair and pillows that makes the space look more lively.

Fun and Cheerful
This patio makes a fun look with simple and light bench and chair while putting pretty and cute accessories decorate the space.

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