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Modern Bar, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Ceiling, White Blue Island With Black Top, Black Stools, Ceiling Lamp
Modern Bar, Wooden Floor, Blue Bar With White Top, Wooden Accent, White Ceiling, Black Shelves, Pendants, Black Stools
Elegant Indoor Bar, Marble Floor, Off White Bar Island With Golden Accent, Black Stool With Back, Chandelier, Wooden Built In Shelves For Wine
Wooden Bar Island, Beige Flooring Tiles, Grey Wall, White Subways Tiles, Floating Shelves, Glass Bulb Penadants, Black Stools
Wooden Cabinet With White Top, Black Tiles Wall, Black Wooden Walls, White Wall, White Rug, Blue Chairs, White Round Coffee Table
Modern Glossy Bar, Wooden Island, Silver Top, Dark Floor Tiles, Beige Floor, Silver Metalic Frame On The Ceiling With Wood In The Middle, Pendants, Wooden Cabinets, Silver Stools
Modern Bar, Wooden Island, White Marble Top, White Wall, Wooden Shelves, Golden Stool With Green Cushion
Elegant Bar, Pattern Flooring Tiles, Black Bar Island With Beige Top, Black Shelves, Acrylic Stool With Golden Legs, Chandelier
Wooden Bar Island With Marble Top, Brown Leather Stools, Beige Floors, Orange Pendants, Open Bricks Wall
Rustic Bar, Wooden Bar Islant With Black Top, Wooden Stool With Balck Legs, Wooden Shelves, Black Pendants

When people are stressful, sometimes a drink or two can help ease the problems. It can give some calm for the body and makes it easier to rest. Just a drink or two. However, sometimes, it is better to help a friend to stay and sit the night through, talking and drinking together. Of course, getting some drink does not mean you have to go out. Creating your own bar in your home can make your home more inviting to some party. Here are some inspirations of indoor bar that looks cool.

Elegant Bar

A classy bar will make the drinking feels more expensive. With built in shelves that will help storing bottles and glasses on dark wood, the room looks handsome while the gold accent in the bar island makes the room feels glamorous.

Bar Stools

Graceful Marble

Another way to get a luxurious look is by adding the natural marble that has looked refined by itself. With matching floor, open brick, and stools, the warm orange glow from the pendants look so stunning.

One Kindesign

Sophisticated Look

When trying to get a beautiful and elegant looks, it is common to include some golds, crystal, or clear glass look for it’s beautiful reflection. However, as sometimes glass can be dangerous and fragile, it is convenient to leave it to acrylic to look clear.

Elle Decor

Modern Glossy

Looking luxurious can mean looking blink or with a reflective light on the surface. This one here, though, combines elegant and modern’s clean lines together and have a great result on it. The statement ceiling is also full on details.


Light Chic

Having modern look on a bar is probably an endearing thought. However, sometimes, details on stools, pendants, or the bar itself hold you back to get the most modern look ever in the bar. This one is here clearly doing great on the eclectic look with clean lines on the bar. It’s something you can try too.


Colorful Bar

Even though the thought of a bar might drive you to a secluded corner with dark color, bringing some joy in bar island can be a great idea too. This one here shows that a light and colorful bar can look energizing and cheerful too.


Simple Bar

While some people take a great care in designing a bar, some other people cares only how the bar can look presentable. This one here is simple in design but with natural material choices, it looks beautiful.


Rustic Bar

While modern and elegant look can be the perfect choice in a bar, rustic look does not want to fall behind. The wooden characteristics of rustic look can make a bar feels warm and comfortable. It’s exactly what people who drink need.

Net Luxury

Chic and Modern

Another one with simple lines that looks enticing the room. The clean tables and chairs look great here. The simple grey painted wall and ceiling combined with white subway tiles enhance the modern look of this room.

Living etc

Comfortable Living Room

For those who prefer to get everything done in the friendly living room can get cabinet that will also serve them the function of a kitchen table (water resistant top). Seen with a simple cabinet, it is completed with floating shelves too. The interesting thing here is the three different walls that looks amazing together.

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