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wire spool for coffee table with added partition in the middle for bookshelves Decoratio

Wooden Coffee Table From Crates With Clear Glass Top
Wire Spool End Added With Wheels For Coffee Table
Restored Wooden Chest For Coffee Table With Storage
Wooden Coffee Table With Brown Top, White Support And Shelves
Wooden Crates For Wooden Table With Shelves, Top Middle For Decoration
Dark Rectangular Wooden Table And Long Side Table
Repurposed Wooden Coffee Table With Antique Lines
Old Wooden Barrels With Round Glass Top For Coffee Table
Wooden Coffee Table With Black Wooden Top, Shelvse, Drawers Under
Wire Spool For Coffee Table With Added Partition In The Middle For Bookshelves

Nowadays, the issues of minimalism way of life has been popular because of natural issues of trash. With minimalist habit, instead of buying, we would  reduce our shopping, reuse everything we already own, and recycle our own trash. And that happens in all aspect of life, including interior. Here, you will find 10 reclaimed coffee tables to decorate your living room. This way, you will give back the nature everything it has given you: a help. And, you don’t have to worry because repurposed coffee table can be as beautiful as new coffee tables.


Old Antiques 

If you’re worried that repurposed coffee table will make your living room look weary, you will need to forget that because when it’s reclaimed, the artists have put much thought into it and will only produce what they think is the best look. Like this one here. With antiques like this, your living room will not look weary at all. It will look warm and inviting.


Old Barrels

This one here is a great idea on how to make use of old barrels. With only cutting it to half and adding glass top, it’s ready to serve you as coffee tables. Imagine how you’ve helped not to to add the demand of new fresh wood.


Rolling Coffee Table

This one here uses the end of wire spool to be the table top and add wheels to the table. With this kind of coffee table, you’ll be able to have natural and warm look in your living room, and adjustable rolling table for you.


Bookshelves Wire Spool

Now, it’s for those who love to have a coffee table slash bookshelves in their living room. This craving will be delivered perfectly by wire spool coffee table. It’s a great idea to add posts or partition in the middle of the spool to make some book ends.


Arranged Crates

This one here is another simple yet great ideas on how to use used wooden crates. With some wooden crates arranged tidily and tinted in a pretty color, you will be able to have a great coffee table.


Add Your Personal Decor

Similar to the previous one, this crates wooden table will give you sevreal shelves in different angles. And, the best thing about this one is that the middle part can be arranged the way you want. You can put decorations to your personal like.


Chest Table

If you love restoration antiques, this one here is perfect for you. This is coffee table from a wooden chest. With chest, you will be able to have coffee table with some storage in it.


Farmhouse Style 

If you love natural farmhouse style, you will love this one with the curves on the legs that adds a pretty note and the shelves at the bottom to keep your books.


Simple and Basic

If you love something basic, you might love this one. With this wooden table, you get the function of coffee table, and you have large space to put your things.


Solid Wooden Table

For you who love something sturdy to add in the living room, this one repurposed table might be the best thing. The warm relaxed notion from it will give the best nuance to your living room.

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