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Bathroom, Grey Tiny Floor Tiles, White Square Wall Tiles, White Wallpaper With Green Birds, Green Shower Box, Blue Toilet, Blue Sink
Bathroom, Green Wall Tiles, Yellow Wall, Pink Basket, White Toilet, White Sink, White Sink
Bathroom, Grey Tiny Floor Tiles, Yellow Walls With Yellow Purple Lines, Yellow Floating Shelves, White Toilet
Bathroom, Black Wall, Yellow Square Tiles On The Wall And Tub, Dark Flowery Ceiling, Black Floor, Green Curtain
Bathroom, Orange Patterned Floor Tiles, Light Teal Wall Tiles And Wall, White Toilet, White Sink, White Tub, White Curtain
Bathroom, Black White Patterned Floor Tiles, White Square Wall Tiles, Shadowed Window Glass, Green Sink
Powder Room, White Wall, Patterned Wallpaper, Blue Patterned Lfoor Tiles
Bathroom, Patterned Floor Tiles, White Wall, Wooden Vanity White Top, Pink Round Sink, Green Backsplash Wall, White Wall, Golden Framed Mirror, Golden Faucets
Bathroom, Yellow Floor Tiles, Yellow Wall Tiles, Green White Striped Wall, Yellow Sink, White Vanity
Bathroom, Hexagonal Floor Tiles, Yellow Square Wall Tiles, Yellow Vanity, White Sink, Orange Pendant, Grey Wall, Large Mirror

Old retro look is interesting with its own character. The color combination, the strong ambiance, the simple and complicated pattern, and the unique feeling make retro look is one of the kind. Retro look is not for everybody. Of course, creating retro look does not mean that you have to build retro ambiance all over the house. Putting it in one room can make the room special and different. If you are looking for inspirations to go or to make you your intention steady, these below are ten interesting retro bathroom to look at and to get some inspirations.

Statement Ceiling
This bathroom has a dark yet pretty vibe with its black wall and dark flowery ceiling. However, this strong darkness is contrasted with bright yellow square tiles on the wall and tub. It makes both characters stand out in this small room.

Fun Yellow
Bright and fun yellow is used in many retro look. It brings out strong and energetic feeling to the room. This one here uses yellow on the wall and vanity and gives it a powerful image.

Retro Lines
Building retro look can also be done by adding decorative lines. Here below adds yellow purple lines on the wall surface and makes the room looks edgy.

Patterned Up and Bottom
This powder room looks both pretty and retro at the same time. The white wall does not make this room less retro. The pattern on the wall and on the floor puts retro in strong presentation.

Green Box
Looking like a public bathroom, this retro bathroom gives an interesting sensation for us when we come inside. The tiny floor tiles give some texture while that wallpaper gives patterns that match the closed shower box. This shower box does indeed give a thrill.

Green Sink
This retro vanity gives a nice contrast to the white and black surrounding. The pattern on the floor is simple yet strong and makes a nice accent to the room.

All Teal
Retro look does not always mean crowded pattern and color. Having one main color like this green bathroom can work the same. The square wall tiles and the patterned floor still can give old look. And the white toilet, sink, and tub are so simple it looks like it comes from the old times.

Elegant Retro
If you wish on putting retro look with some elegant touch, copper or gold lines are so welcome. Seen below, the golden and copper accents make the green wall more elegant. And the neutral vanity seems soft.

Mix of Colors
Retro is famous for its color mix. While it can be a mix of strong colors, you can play the soft and light colors too, like seen in this one. The bright yellow wall looks intense, combined with green square wall tile and tiny black and white hexagonal floor tiles.

Sun Shine
Similar to the previous one, this one also puts the bathroom with bright yellow colors. The intensity is shown from the floor, wall, and sink. Combined with white green stripes on the wall, this bathroom sure is fun.

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