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kitchen, white wall, blue cabinet, white top, silver handler Plus Hemisphere

Kitchen, Blue Cabinet, White Top, White Apron Sink, Patterned Wall, White Marble Backsplash
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Exposed Brick Wall, Green Cabinet, Wooden Floating Shelves, Wooden Table, Wooden Stool,
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Wall Tiles, Green Wall Tiles, Yellow Cabinet, Wooden Drawer, Wooden Island Table, Wooden Floating Shelves
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Subway Wall Tiles, White Top, Pink Cabinet, Wooden Floating Shelves, White Sink
Kitchen, White Wall, Blue Cabinet, Red Stool
Kitchen, Brown Floor Tiles, White Wall, Yellow Cabinet, White Drawers, White Top, White Stove, Silver Ceiling Lamp, Rattan Baskets,
Kitchen, White Wall, Blue Cabinet, White Top, Silver Handler
Kitchen, White Cabinet Patterned Floor, Blue Backsplash, Yellow Pendant, Pink Chair
Kitchen, Patterned Geometrical Floor Tiles, White Wooden Ceiling, Green Wooden Cabinet, Green Patterned Backsplash, Wooden Table, Wooden Stool
Kitchen, Patterned Floor Tiles, Patterned Wall Tiles, Orange Cabinet And Shelves, Green Wall, Rattan Pendant, White Hood, White Stove

Having a strong and unique look in the house would make the house look so interesting. For you who love retro theme room, you would know how unique and pretty it is. And putting it in the kitchen would put a stamp on the retro look even more. Remember all those retro ads with kitchen background? Exactly. If you love the theme and want to liven up in your kitchen, here are some inspirations.

Yellow Retro
Bold and strong colors are seen in the retro theme. In this kitchen, the yellow color is used in the cabinet and combined with the easy white. This combination is completed with natural details of wood and rattan.

Calming Green
Although bold colors are usually the character of retro look, this one here build its retro kitchen with calming green color, seen in the cabinet and shelves. To complete this calmness, patterned backsplash and floor decorate the space for interesting touches.

Traditional Calm
This one here also puts calming and warm note to the kitchen. With its green white tiles on the wall and the orange cabinet combined with wooden touches, the kitchen has the beauty of calm and natural look in the traditional retro theme.

Rustic Retro
This traditional retro kitchen makes a more rustic approach with exposed white brick on the wall and wooden details on the cabinet and dining set. The wooden floating shelves that hold the books and seasonings strengthens the notion.

Warm Retro
This is another retro look with warm complexion. The floor, shelves and cabinet brings out warm natural look with its brown color. And to make the space look pretty, the retro details are seen as minimalist as it could be with light blue fridge and cabinet.

Sweet Retro
Retro look is closed with pink color. Although it is usually used in bold manner, this one here puts a softer manner and create a sweet ambiance to the kitchen. Completed with white brick exposed wall and minimalist wooden shelves, the kitchen has easy look.

Retro Blue
This one here shows a pretty retro kitchen with light blue cabinet. The patterned wall makes a fitting detail to the blue kitchen along with white top, and the apron sink. Making the room looks even prettier.

Warm Orange
This retro kitchen puts colorful notes in one place and create a wonderfully warm look. The orange cabinet makes a pretty touch to the kitchen and the patterned backsplash give pretty details, along with patterned floor and fridge.

Nice Blue
This is another blue kitchen that looks so pretty in the retro setting. The patterned floor tiles put on the retro ambiance, decorating the pretty combination of white and blue.

Blue Silver
Similar to the previous one, this one also puts on blue cabinet in the kitchen and patterned on the floor and backsplash tiles. The combination is easy and so traditional in the past.

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