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kitchen, black white checkered floor, flowery wallpaper, blue cabinet, white top, white sink PMQ for Two

Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Orange Wall, Green Cabinet Wooden Top, Green Wooden Framed Window, Brown Backsplash Floor Tiles
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Backsplash Wall Tiles, Wooden Cabinet, Bright Stark Green Stove And Fridge, Beam, White Ceiling
Kitchen, White Cabinet, White Backsplash, White Wall, White Floating Small Shelves, Red Accent, White Curtain With Red Dots, Red Floor, White Dining Table, Red Chairs
Small Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Red Bottom Cabinet, White Red Backsplash Tiles, Polkadot Pattern Wall, Wooden Cupboard
Kitchen, Black White Checkered Floor, Flowery Wallpaper, Blue Cabinet, White Top, White Sink
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Brown Wooden Cabinet, Blue Wall, Floating Shelves, Orange Stool
Kitchen, Grey Floor, White Bottom Cabinet, White Upper Cabinet, Silver Top, White Floating Shelves, Brown Backsplash, Blue Fridge
Kitchen, White Backsplash, Blue Cabinet With Wooden Handler, Rug
Kitchen, Pink Floor, Pink Backsplash Wall, White Cabinet, Pink Fridge, Pink Dining Table, Red Chair
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Round Dining Table, Wooden Chairs, White Wall, Black Cabinet With Wooden Top, White Ridge, Black Pendants

Mixing old look in a room can bring back olden years to come to the room. It’s like putting a great time machine in the house where you can step in anytime you want. The mix can be according to your preference. If you love the strong retro look, you can put the retro accent in the entire surface. And if you like to just put light vibe of retro look, you can mix it with more modern touches. These ten beautiful ideas below are some inspirations you will love.

Green Old Kitchen
This kitchen puts retro as its main theme. It can be seen from the model and the finish of the cabinet, the framed window, as well as the wall color. The simple backsplash becomes the bridge of this combination. The warm and cold mix of color looks obviously pretty.

Small Time Machine
Looking at this one will probably make you think you have just stepped into someone’s kitchen back in the 50s. The bright red cabinet puts a strong look in the kitchen that even though it’s small, it has a strong character. The colorful polka dot pattern on the wall makes a fun look while strengthening the retro look in the kitchen.

Rustic Retro
This 70s kitchen looks so beautiful with strong and a little bit rough character. The black and white kitchen makes a modern and simple background while the wooden floor and the matching dining set design brings old look in the room.

White Red
If you want to go with white and make it less colorful, this one here shows a perfect example on how doing it. The 40s model of cabinet makes a bright and strong vibe. The bright white color and the glossy red surface strengthen each other and make each other looks so pronounced.

Calm Blue Cream
When people hear of retro look, they might think about a room with color burst. However, this one here successfully brings in calming retro look from the traditional design and setting of the kitchen. While the cabinet is in modern vibe, the surrounding has retro accent especially with the blue fridge, kitchen utensils, and the pendant.

Pretty Pattern
One of the characteristics of retro look is probably the pattern that it usually has. To build your own retro room, you can put some patterned wallpaper to grow the retro feeling in the room. This one here not only puts pretty wallpaper but also installs simple retro checkered floor tiles and uses retro bright pale blue cabinet.

Stark Blue
Similar to the previous one, this one also uses the retro bright blue color. However, this one here puts it on the wall that it comes out strong, especially when it is combined with bright yellow stools. The wooden island and cabinet brings some balance to the retro kitchen.

Retro Pink
Pink is one of most favorite retro color that people use. If you love pink and you brave enough to show your pink retro love, this one here is a perfect example for you. The pink floor and wall leaves a sweet and strong impression.

Blue Cabinet
This one here puts a nice touch in creating retro look. Combining retro and modern vibe, this one puts bright blue on minimalist designed cabinet.

Bright Turquoise
While the previous ones uses bright blue, this one uses bright turquoise for the retro touch. And putting among rustic kitchen like this, it makes endearing contrast combination.

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