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living room, grey seamless floor, white blue rug, round coffee table, soft blue yellow wall, grey sofa, yellow chair, floating box helves, wooden cabinet Roomadness

Living Room, Whote Wall Floor, Yellow Chair, Green Sofa, Grey Chair, Grey White Yellow Nesting Table, Green Ottoman, White Cabinet
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wired Pendant, Yellow Sofa, Wooden Rectangle Coffee Table, Side Table, White Lamp, Window Nook
Living Room, White Floor, Colorful Rug, Yellow Sofa, Light Blue Wall, Wooden Cabinet, Colorful Curtain, Wooden Coffee Table
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Blue Rug, Wooden Coffee Table, Blue Wall, White Wall, Round Mirrors, Grey Sofa And Chairs, Yellow Door
Living Room, Grey Round Rug, Glass Table, Yellow Half Round Sofa, Green Chair, Brown Chair
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Patterned White Black Rug, White Nesting Coffee Table, Green Sofa, Yellow Chair, White Side Table
Living Room, Soft Blue Rug, White Wall, White Sofa, Blue Chair, White Round Coffee Table, Yellow Curtain, Pendant, White Fireplace
Living Room, Grey Seamless Floor, White Blue Rug, Round Coffee Table, Soft Blue Yellow Wall, Grey Sofa, Yellow Chair, Floating Box Helves, Wooden Cabinet
Living Room, Grey Floor, White Wall, Grey Sofa, Green Sofa, Patterned Rug, Yellow Green Cabinet, Wooden Shelves Nesting Table
Living Room, Blue Rug, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Ceiling, Blue Chairs, White Chairs, Wooden Round Coffee Table

Retro look has been associated with bright and pop colors. However, not only that pop colors might remind you of retro colors, it can also bring in bright and cheerful note to the room. That is why a retro room can look cheerful and war, that brings in optimism inside. And below are ten stunning bright arrangement that you can get your inspirations from.

Bright Living Room
As not everybody can stand with bright colors, the warm version is often used to maintain the brightness while also brings in warmth. The mustard sofa in this room brings warmth to the spacious space and decorate it with colorful pop pillows.

Pop Accents
On the neutral colored background, the yellow sofa looks so prominent in this one here. And to make the room even brighter, the curtain and rug are with some bright and pop accents.

Pops Here and There
In this soft and pale room, the pop colored furniture are so pronounced. The bright yellow and blue combination is a compliment for the grey surrounding, start from from the sofa, pillows, coffee table, floating shelves, and the TV cabinet.

Yellow Door
Adding pop color does not always mean the furniture has to have bright colors. This one here uses yellow on the door. It is not as bright as if it is used on the wall, but it is more than enough to bring the cheerful spirit.

Elegance Retro
Although pop colors might not the color that will describe elegant room, this on here sucessfully shows that bright colors can go well in an elegant room. The yellow curtain works well with the colorful pillows, orange side table, and pale blue chairs.

Round and Curvy
This one here might not too eager in putting too bright colors and only show the combination colors while putting out the curvy design of seats to show retro lines.

Popping Out
In a white surrounding, pop colored furniture will obviously look even more pronounced. And that is what happens on this room with yellow green grey accents on the sofa, nesting table, bean bag, ottoman, and chair. This arrangement looks so endearing.

Pop Green
Similar to the previous one, this one here too puts a neutral environment so that the furniture looks pronounced. The pop colors on the chair and cabinet here looks bright, along with the yellow curtain.

Pale Pop
Creating retro room does not mean one should be strict in one style only. You can combine it with other style too. This one here combines the pop retro look with simple Scandinavian. And it surprisingly is a great combination.

Retro Set
This one here might puts in some clean lines seen in modern style in the half round yellow sofa. However, with the bright turquoise and brown retro chairs, the room is balanced in retro style. Not to mention the colorful pillows decorate the seats and the green rug under it.

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