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living room with wooden floor, blue rug, blue wall, blue chair, wooden console table, mustard curtain Ballard Designs

Living Room With Wooden Floor, Rug, Wooden Bench With Mustar Cushion, Wooden Coffee Table, Ottoman, Maroon Wall, Roud Side Table, Pendant
Living Room With Dark Floor, Rug, Pink Walls, Mustard Sofa
Living Room With Blue Rug, Purple Sofa, Teal Wall, Purple Curtain
Room With Grey Floor, Grey White View Wall Paper, Grey Wall, Purple Buttoned Sofa
Living Room With Wooden Floor, Rug, Purple Sofa, Purple Wall
Living Room With Green Rug, Blue Chair, Green Velvet Sofa, Round Coffee Table, Golden Pendants, Green Blue Painted Open Brick
Living Room With Wooden Floor, Brown Rug, Blue Chair, Purple Chair, Blue Wall, Side Table, Blue Cover Table Lamp, Green Curtain, Round Side Table
Livign Room With White Tiles, Deep Green Wall And Shelves, Rug, Fireplace, White Sofa, Round Wooden Table
Living Room With Wooden Floor, Blue Rug, Blue Wall, Blue Chair, Wooden Console Table, Mustard Curtain
Living Room With Wooden Floor, White Green Rug, Blue Chair, White Fireplace With Flower Wallpaper On The Faireplace

For those who love bold colors, jewel tones probably something that they can adore easily. With their intense saturation, jewel tones are indeed bold and it has their own characteristic. While it can be combined together, it can also stands alone beautifully. Here are some rich jewel tones color in furniture that we can admire as they’re beautiful items.


Opal Chair

For those who love jewel tones but do not want to go all out too boldly, picking up one furniture with the tone is fine too. With white or neutral backgrounds, the it would look pops out. Somehow, it has been bold enough.


Dark Emerald

Another thing to do when you’re not entirely sure with all bold look is by painting the wall in jewel tone colors while choosing the furniture in more neutral color. This one here has the wall painted in dark emerald, to say it in jewel color, along with the bookshelves and letting the floor, sofa, table in more neutral color.


Topaz Sofa

Sofa with bold jewel color has its own strong characteristic that will always displayed. While white color might making it more pronounced, another color might help to make it less bold without losing its strong character.


Amethyst in Room

Purple has been one of jewel tone colors. Garnet, violet, fuchsia, and amethyst are among those which have purple color. They are really beautiful. And used in deep purple like this one here is stunning. With white grey background, this color looks so handsome.


Little Amethyst in Blue

For those who are brave enough to combine rich jewel tones color in a room, they might combine the wall, curtain, chairs, and anything else all in different colors. This will make the room fun and merry. This one here has dark blue wall in the background of a purple chair that makes it really gorgeous.


Caribbean Blue Room

As painting the wall is probably the easiest method to get the room in rich jewel color, this one here painted the room in intense Caribbean blue that looks both refreshing, warm, and pretty. Strengthen by the chair, when they are combined with topaz color, they are not weakened.


Topaz on Ruby

This one is another beautiful living room with deep jewel colors. Painted in the wall is red and on the cushion is mustard that remind us all on ruby and topaz color. It’s so beautiful, so fierce.


Purple on Purple

While combining colors is great, putting some levels on the same hue is cool too. With another tone on the rug and decoration, it will not be too plain.


Amethyst with Azul

As purple is one of the richest and most popular color in jewel tone, it is common to see it combined with another color. This one here combines purple with blue on the rug and the wall. With mirrored glass side table, the table can change color depends on from where you look at it.


Emerald with Sapphire

Combining two tones of jewel colors is a common practice. However, this one here can do it so fancy. The floor is divided on two colors: green and blue. And that also happens on the sofa and chair. Even the wall with exposed brick style here is not escaping these green blue getting along.

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