The Accent You Love to Prettify and Divide Your Rooms

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Pink Glass Divider, White Wooden Floor, White Ceiling, White Wall, Black Pendant, White Table, Black Chairs
Black Room Divider With Golden Flecks, Folding Partition, Brown Wooden Floor, Black Frame Window, Black Coffee Table, Black Chairs, White Sofa
Bamboo Divider With White River Stone And Wooden Tray At The Bottom, Grey Wall, White Bedding
Wooden Splat, Floating Shelves, Wooden Floor, White Ceiling
Clear Glass Divider With Yellow Glass Accents, Pink And Green Chairs, Wooden Table, Pink Wall
Yellow Unique Divider With Zigzag Surface, Black Chair, Marble Top Yellow Table
White Klatt Room Divide With Different Patterm White Bench, White Sconce
Green Room Divider With Thin Wooden Splat Inside, Grey Floor
Wooden Book Shelves With Triangle Patterns, Orange Chair, Side Table, Red Rug
Metal Plant Rack Divider With Plants, Yellow Ceiling, Yellow Divider With Plants

When rooms needs to be divided, the first option would be by wall. However, when the room is limited and people prefer to have open room, something as simple as room partition or divider can make your room feel light and spacious. When it is glass partition, the room would feel the same but just with slight barrier from one to another room. Some partition even can be folded so that you can have open rooms. Here below are ten stunning room dividers that you will love to have.

Wooden Splat
For those who love natural material and the neutral color in it would love to have this wooden splat as room divider. It is not only useful to divide rooms but also to put some books in the floating shelves.

Oriental Room Divider
If you love something with “culture”, you will love this one here. This folding room divider is just lie what the East World had since long time ago. And with this oriental pattern, this one here will be a beauty in your rooms.

White Divider
This one here offers a quite open divider. It is not as private as the previous folding divider but it has a irregular remarkable pattern on it.

Book Shelves
The easiest way to divide a room is probably by using book shelves. It is not only a divider but it also gives you a place to store your books. It is a useful addition to your room. This one here adds an interesting wooden bookshelves with triangle patterns arranged irregularly that it makes a unique look.

Pleated Yellow
This one here shows a really interesting design with pleated surface in bright yellow color. It reflects the idea of a big city with all the strong people and culture. This divider will surely brighten up your room.

Plants Divider
If you love to add plants in your room, this one here offers you the place to store it in a fancy way. You can just put your pots inside the shelves. These pots of plants will make the room refreshed and looks prettier.

Pink Glass
This one allows those who love glass divider to have some fun in decorating the room. With colored glass like this, the openness of the room will be maintained and the room will look interesting and beautiful.

Bamboo Divider
This one is another divider with natural material. However, you cannot grow this one. Planted on the floor with white river stone and wooden tray or frame, this bamboo divider offer minimal privacy yet maximal freshness.

Green Frame
If you want to add something modern, this green framed geometrical divider can work the best in a modern room. The geometric green lines will bring your room amazing accent.

Simple Patterned Glass
Similar to the previous glass one, this one here also offers you a great divider with clear and yellow colored glass. With this, it will look like the yellow glass makes a floating appearance in the room.

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