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rigging room divider shaped as geomtric bookcase with wood inside My Domaine

White Folding Room Divider With Beautiful Pattern
Room Divider Frmaed In Wood, Glass Crystal
Wooden Framed Room Divider With White Macrame Motives
Hanging Room Divider With White Gemoteric Glass
Japanese Inspired Wooden Room Divider With Paper
Wooden Bars Room Divider
Room Divider, Soil At The Floor, Wood At The Ceiling, Wires Between
Rigging Room Divider Shaped As Geomtric Bookcase With Wood Inside
Room Divider Of Built In Bookshelves With Boxes Randomly Put
White Pegboard Room Divider On Two Sides With Wheels

An open room can be really airy and it’s a perfect choice to those who love large space and small space. With open room, it’s easier to spot what happen to the other part of the room too. However, sometimes, people need some barrier to each room just to make clear and to make some privacy even if it’s just a shade. Here are some gorgeous room dividers.


Lively Screen

Screen can come in many kinds but one of the most beautiful is the screen with plants on it. It’s not only a room divider but also a little garden inside the house. With plants with flowers, a room will not only feel fresh of the green leaves but also beautiful from the flowers. This one here especially has small area of soil inside the house to grow the plants and put the room divider to help the vines prettily grow.



Built In Bookcase

One thing that will also be more than a room divider is shelves. It can be shelves for books or for decorations and pictures. With built in bookcase like this one, it is a subtle shelves and it brings a beautiful sight with its random wooden boxes.


White Lace

A beautiful room divider will always be a great item to have as it offers a great sight to the room besides dividing the room. This one here is so pretty with its carved details. It will look good to a bohemian room or a feminine room.


Pegboard on Wheels

Another great ideas on room divider is this pegboards that will serve you so many places to keep your things, besides it is a great room divider too. If it’s too plain, decoration and accessories can be hung here. And the best thing is that this one here is on wheels that it’s easy to move it around to where you need the most.


Japanese Inspirations

In East Asian traditional houses, it is common to use wooden sliding door with paper. Although in modern days there are rarely traditional houses like that, their traditional door is great inspiration for sliding room divider. With its calm and natural look, it is a great addition to the room.


Patterned Glass

Having a clear glass as a room divider might be great, but to create more subtle clear look, patterned glass can give a better offer. It will give more privacy compared to clear glass. And the distorted look is pretty too.


Wooden Bars

If you’re looking for a really light look with natural ambiance, wooden bars might be the best options. Combined with a room furbished in wooden material, it will look so great.


Hanging Facet

To those who’re looking for a room divider with more modern ambiance, this beautiful hanging facet in geometric pieces can be a great choice. It’s unique shape and look will strengthen the modern feeling of a room.


Calming Macrame 

Macrame has been a strong link of bohemian styled room. And it’s not only an accessory. Used as a room divider, macrame motives and patterns look familiar and inviting for a boho spirit.


Geometric Lines of Shelves

Looking for a unique shelves that will give a light feeling as well as modern shapes? This one here can be the best answer. It’s so beautifully made from rigging that it can create such a stunning look.

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