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minimalist kitchen, white plastered wall and cabinet, wooden doors, grey floor Anthropologie

Modern Bathroom, White Plaster Cement Vanity, Wooden Framed Mirror, Wooden Rack, Silver Faucet, Wooden Shelves
Grey Cement On The Vanity, Shelves Nder, Grey Cement Floor, White Wall, Mirror
Minimalist Kitchen, White Plastered Wall And Cabinet, Wooden Doors, Grey Floor
Minimalist Bathroom, White Plaster Vanity, Built In Shelves, Wooden Door, Wooden Framed Mirror, White Wall
White Bathroom, White Plaster Vanity With Built In Shelves, Wooden Drawers, Wooden Door, Long Mirror, Wooden Window, White Stool, Brown Floor, White Stool
Minimalist Bathroom, White Textured Wall, White Plastered Vanity, Rattan Basket, Mirror, Bamboo Ceiling
Minimalist Kitchen, Cement Cabinet With Wooden Door, Built In Shelves, Rattan Pendant, Patterned Floor
White Plastered Vanity, Wooden Drawers, Wooden Doors, Built0in Shelves, White Wall, Long Mirror With Wooden Frame
Minimalist Kitchen, Plastered Kitchen Top, Built In Shelves, Rattan Basket, Glass Window, Sink, Stove
Minimalist Bathroom, Cement Surface, White Tub Inside, Grey Cement Vanity With Wooden Doors, Wooden Framed Mirror, White Bowl Sink

Minimalist rooms can be really endearing. Sometimes, people get bored easily on minimalist look but sometimes people get bored easily with the same details over the years. With minimalist look, you can change little harmless things like adding a vase of flowers or rattan basket. This is more suitable for those who get bored easily. And these below are ten exquisite vanity and kitchen tops with minimal details you can get some inspirations from.

Cement for Minimalist
This bathroom uses grey cement on the entire part of the bathroom that it creates the same neutral grey on the room. The built-in vanity brings a continuity in the bathroom with some wooden accent on the mirror and the vanity cabinet.

White Plaster Vanity
This one here uses plaster for the wall and continue to build the vanity with the same finish. This creates a continued look and does not make the bathroom look too crowded. With built-in shelves, the look continues. The wooden door on the cabinet makes a distinctive addition.

Textured Wall
Creating minimalist room sometimes can make a room dull. However, with the right details and excellence, it all vanishes. This one here installs textures on the wall while uses smooth plaster on the vanity. Another texture is seen in the floating wooden bench and rattan basket which also add color to the room.

Modern Kitchen
Cement can be used in the kitchen as well to create a minimalist and modern look. This one here uses cement on building the frame for the cabinet while it works as the kitchen top too. This grey look is decorated with textured wooden doors on the cabinet beautifully.

Minimalist Shelves in the Kitchen
This one here also shows a really interesting minimalist vibe in the alcove kitchen. With plastered shelves along the wall, the kitchen looks light and traditional at the same time. The glass window along the wall brings warm to the minimalist room.

Plastered Vanity
Simple and modern vibe is seen in this minimalist vanity. With plastered vanity and wall, this one here brings the simplest design. If you think the space is too empty, you can add some accessories to the sight too.

Grey Cement
Grey cement is a really endearing look for those who want to build minimalist or modern look as the clean and smooth lines can make any room looks effortless.

Simple Rustic
As mentioned before, it is easy to make minimalist room to look different and not boring. You can add a simple and different things and it turns into a whole new room. This one here combines off white surrounding with wooden rack and wooden framed window that looks match with the wooden window.

White Vanity
This one too adds an interesting detail to the smooth white vanity. The wooden doors and drawers are not the only detail it has but the black hook on the wood adds a rustic vibe on it.

Spacious White
This one uses white not only to create a minimalist modern look but also to make the room stays spacious. The vanity with built-in shelves and wooden doors are an attractive details.

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