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bathroom vanity with white wall and vanity top, white sink, round mirror, pink wall outside the vanity area Italian Bark

Among pink colors, rose pink has been one that is easy to work on with. It’s because it’s not too strong and when it’s muted, modern and minimalist look can look so good with rose pink. With rose pink color, a room will look sweet but also modern. Here below are some sophisticated bathroom vanities in rose color in many different combinations that you can get inspirations from.


Terrazzo Tiles

While rose pink can depict a really sweet and calm ambiance, combined with terrazzo tiles, it looks lively and pretty at the same time. As a background for white modern sink and golden lines tools, rose hue is strongly reinforcing the room.


Sink Pink

Pink can be used in any place, be it the wall or the furniture. Here, rose pink is coloring the room in the pretty and minimalist round sink. Besides that, it is also displayed on the wall by the tiny hexagon tiles that decorate the wall from ceiling to the floor.


Paint It Pink

To get a really strong ambiance in pink, paint the wall in pink is one of the easiest way with the strongest effect. This one here, though, does not stop in that. The top part of the wall is with more details than just pink paint. Combined all that with gorgeous white round cabinet and sink, this is a dream. Double!


Sophisticated Pink

In a room with aesthetic room, muted soft pink can work the best. In this one, with chic arrangement in sink/vanity and shelves under, rose pink wall gives a complete touch that shows simplicity.


Out of the White

Making a room has pink accent does not always mean the pink color should be in the focal point. Using pink as support to make the other thing look strong is done by this one here in the picture. While white area of vanity is so beautifully arranged that it looks like in its own box, soft pink color support it from the outside.


Seeing Double

Combining pink and peach is another thing that makes the room feels more pink but with more layers. In this double vanity, the pink color is beautifully used in the backsplash till the bottom, the shelves, and even the round pink sink while peach color used on the wall.


Entire Room

As square tiles has been so popular in white, pink color follow it to popularity too. And with pink square tiles, a room with minimalist look can be done easily but with more sweet side.


Together in Its Own

This one vanity is really creative in making a double vanity looks individually separated. And, it’s in our favorite rose pink tiles too. Placed near the large light source, this vanities looks amazingly shining bright.


Jagged Pink

Because using pink can be really sweet, adding accents can be used to make it more with characters. This one here looks so great with its different tiles on floor and wall, and also the jagged surface of the vanity.


Pink BarrelĀ 

Using pink sink has been a cute and sweet touch to the room. However, this one here took bolder move by putting a double barrel in pink as sink. It looks strong and sturdy but in pink. It’s such a nice touch.

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