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Bathroom, Lime Rubber Flooring, White Toilet, White Floating Cabinet, White Tube, White Wall Tiles
Bathroom, Orange Rubber Flooring, White Wall, Red Foating Sink, Red Framed Mirror, Tall Mirror, White Tub
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Bathroom, White Rubber Flooring, White Wall Tiles, Round Mirror, Glass Pendants, Wooden Floating Cabinet With White Counter Top, White Sink
Bathroom, Light Blue Rubber Flooring, Brown Wall Tiles, White Wall, White Tub, White Toilet
Bathroom, Orange Rubber Flooring, White Wall, Black Tub Area, Black Wall Tub Area, Glass Partition, White Vanity, White Toilet
Bathroom, Yellow Rubber Flooring, White Wal, White Herringbone Wall, White Table, White Vanity
Bathroom, Black Hexagonal Floor, White Wall, White Tub, Floating Wooden Cabinet, Round Mirror, White Toilet
Bathroom, Blue Rubber Flooring, Brown Wall, Wooden Tub, White Tub, Floating Wooden Cabinet, Window

Rubber flooring gains its popularity from the public place like gym. However, it comes to the house use too in the end. With rubber, bathroom and kitchen are two best rooms that can get most of the benefits that rubber flooring. However, with more excessive use of water, rubber flooring is commonly seen in the bathroom. And not only because of the material that this flooring is popular, but also the beautiful look. Here below are some beautiful rubber flooring that can be found in the bathroom if you’re looking for some inspirations.

Durable and Resilient
There are several reasons as to why rubber flooring is easy to maintain. The first is because of its durability. The material gives a long term of use. It is also resilient and thus is a great material to absorb foot pressure.

Easy to Maintain
With rubber flooring, all you need to do with it to clean is sweep and mop. And it cannot be with strong liquid as well. Just a light cleaning and you’ll get your floor clean in no time.

Anti Slip
With rubber flooring, the surface of the floor would have excellent slip resistance, the thing that makes it popular in the gym. And in the bathroom, this is also something that it needs. Of course, with water pooling on the floor, it needs more friction, just like seen in this below.

Eco-Friendly Material
As rubber is recycled, the use of rubber flooring would not harm the ecosystem. It can eb reused to another form as well, in case you would want to change the flooring int he future. As eco-friendly campaign is so loud now, getting rubber flooring would go in line with the campaign.

Feels Comfortable
Because of its elasticity, rubber flooring feels comfortable when we step on it. And putting it in the bathroom where you can enjoy your time with cooling refreshing water, your relaxing time has just enhanced.

Comes in Any Color
Another great thing about rubber flooring is that it comes in any color you can imagine. You can find it in any combination as well, either ombre or rainbow. This one here looks perfectly beautiful and warm in orange.

Great Sound Insulator
You’re a professional bathroom singer? Well, you will love rubber flooring because it will give you more freedom to sing at the top of your lung. Of course, you might want to cover your wall with rubber too if you want to make sure others will never hear your singing.

Moisture Resistance
Because rubber flooring is resistant to moisture, it won’t bring you molds. But of course, it needs to be cleaned regularly just so that it is not dusty.

Can’t be Scratch
Because of its material, it is almost impossible to make rubber scratch or dented. This means you would get along with the flooring for a long time. If you are not sure of the color, don’t make a rush decision.

Any Surface You Want
Not only the colors, but rubber flooring also can give you any surface you want. Ideally, you will want surface that serves some friction in the bathroom. But, if you are going with dry bathroom, you can go smooth too.

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