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Putting some natural or rustic touches in the bathroom would elevate your space to feel more interesting and special. There are many things that rustic look love to add in adding warmth. You don’t have to put everything by the book. Putting some light touches is enough to make create rustic ambiance in a room. And as bathroom are tend to be not too large, even the small rustic touches can bring the room more alive.

Simply Exposed
The bathroom below is beautiful. The wall is strong looking with exposed brick ant tall glass window. The ceiling and floor offer the same simple yet have bold character. The brick, wooden ceiling and seamless floor look rustic with lighter mood.

Full of Patterns
In this rustic bathroom, in one look, you can see how full the room feels. The pattern on the brick and wall tiles combine with square patterns on the floor and wooden planks on the ceiling. And these patterns also combine with the texture and details of the wooden cabinet. This strong pattern combination looks amazing.

Light Rustic
In this bathroom, the rustic touches are designed in smoother surface. However, the strong natural pattern on the wood surface puts a nice look to the bathroom. Balanced with white brick wall, white sinks and toilet, the wood material is seen beautifully.

Wood Background
A simple look is seen in this bathroom with wooden floor and wall all around the room. To complete the look, white tub, toilet and sink are chosen. This makes the bathroom look neutral.

Grey Rustic
This bathroom shows an interesting simple combination. Putting wooden material on the ceiling and floor, the wall is left in neutral grey. To make the wall look interesting, a unique and bold grey sconces are installed.

Rattan Touch
With calming wooden floor, this one puts rough wooden cabinet that spice patterns and textures. The brick accent strengthen the rustic feeling to the bathroom. Making it less strong, pretty glass doors are set along the wall and make the room bright with light. The rattan pendant complete the room in fun notion.

Brick Accent
This light rustic bathroom is bright and soft with minimalist rustic accent on the brick wall. It is completed with more modern touches with clean and sleek lines.

Dark Rustic
This one here looks obviously rustic with its dark wooden cabinet and ceiling especially. The dark sturdy cabinet puts a pretty details and strong notion to the room. Completed with copper tub and pretty chandelier, this room vibrates rustic from each corner.

Natural Rustic
While having rustic feeling, this one puts out natural and fresh ambiance to the bathroom especially with all the plants and wallpaper on plants.

Wooden Box
In this small bathroom, it feels like coming in a wooden crate box. All around the room you can wee the wooden planks. With this wooden background, the stark white tub look contrast and amazing. The glass window give the most beautiful touch.

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