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bedroom, wooden floor, wooden bed platform, storage, wooden cupboars, wooden wall, wooden cabinet, rug, wooden beams Decoist

Bedroom, Brown Rug, Grey Bedding, Grey Wooden Planks On The Wall, White Wall, Wooden Side Table, Table Lamps, Grey Bench Storage
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Wooden Chest Bench, High Side Table, Blue Bedding, White Wall, Arch Wall Headboard, Wooden Ceiling
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Stripes Rug, White Bed, Wooden Wall, Wooden Coferred Ceiling, Rustic Chandelier
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Bed On The Floor With Colorful Blanket, White Wall, Sloping Wooden Ceiling, White Curtain
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Rug, White Bed Platform, White Bedding, White Wall, Light Wooden Ceiling, Ceiling Fan, Beige Bench
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Wooden Bed Platform, Storage, Wooden Cupboars, Wooden Wall, Wooden Cabinet, Rug, Wooden Beams
Bedroom, Rug, Wooden Bed Platform, Wooden Wall, Wooden Bunk Bed Platform With Stairs, Sconces
Bedroom, White Rug, Wooden Bench White Tufted Seating, White Bedding, Beige Wall, Stone Open Wall, Wooden Beams On The Ceiling, Windows
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Sconces, Floor Lamp, Wooden Door, Chandelier, Wooden Beams, White Bed
Bedroom, Flat Ceiling With Wooden Beams, Rug, Wooden Bed Platform, Windows Nook With Wooden Bench, Brown Cushion, Brown Chair, Wooden Wall, Glass Windows, Sconces, Floor Lamp

Rustic look is always an endearing look where warmth and nature meet each other and make a great combination. This comfortable look will be a great character for bedroom. And for that, this time, some inspirations of rustic bedrooms are available below.

Wide Beams
One of the characteristics of rustic look is the natural display in the room. Seen here in the bedroom is the stone wall, and of course, the interesting huge wooden beams that looks rough yet sturdy.

Wooden Look
The natural touch in this bedroom is seen in the grey wooden patterned wall decorated with white wall decoration in the shape of animal head. Although the usual rustic room has the big one, a small and less similar one like this can look beautiful and less rough.

Simple Rustic
While rustic look tends to look rich and expensive, this one here is a really simple example. With bed on the floor and low wooden ceilings, the room looks so warm and cozy.

Wooden Coferred Ceiling
Being one of the popular treatment in making statement ceiling, coferred ceiling is appealing. But, this one here does not only use coferred treatment but also natural treatment in putting wooden material on the ceiling that match perfectly well with the wall.

Elegant Rustic
Although rustic look can be too rough for some people, rustic touch is irresistible. Seen here, the wooden floor here is matched with rough looking wooden ceiling with tray shape in the middle.

Complete Rustic
While the previous is quite shy in empowering rustic feeling, this one here goes all out in showing rustic characters. It is seen from the wooden beams on the ceiling, wooden floor, wooden cupboard and cabinet, and even wooden bed platform that is custom-made with some branch details on the foot. Combined together, the room looks like the nature grows it itself.

Familiar Rustic
Similar to the previous one, this one here also has the room in all rustic characters with white bedding, wooden vaulted ceiling with its beams, and even to the bed platform.

Bridge to the Wall
When having a complete rustic look bedroom near the forest, glass windows and doors are like the bridge to the outside. You have brought the outdoor to your bedroom comfortably and beautifully. And with that window bench, it is so easy to sit around daydreaming to the further end in the forest.

Small Rustic
Although rustic style can look bulky and whereas needs large space, seen in the picture below, it can stand perfectly well on a small space and with added bunk bed. Surely whoever spend he holiday here had spent it warmly.

Rustic Bench
While successfully pull out the rustic look with the wooden floor and ceiling, this room adds rough wooden chest to complete the look. Placed in the end of the bed, the chest has been a rough look bench and also storage. With this, the rustic look is light but also not lost in the room.

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