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living room with zebra pattern ottoman as table, brown sofa, dark brown leathered couches, dark wood side table, white table lamp Judith Balis Interiors

Living Room With Zebra Patter Ottoman, Giraffe Pattern Floor Lamp, Wooden Entertainment Cabinet, Brown Sofa
Warm Living Room With Animal Pattern Rug, Animal Pattern Couch, Bamboo Copper Legs Floor Lamp, Red Ottoman, Giraffe Miniature, Orangutan Miniature, Tiger Painting, Floral Sofa, Floral Curtain
Living Room With Warm Brown Wall, Brown Rug, Brown Leathered Sofa, Deer And Bison Wall Mount, Animals Miniature
Living Room With White Fur Rug, White Sofa, Zebra Pattern Ottoman For Table, Zebra Pattern Pillow, Chandelier
Living Room With Yellow Wall, Indian Painting, Animal Miniature, Boar Head Wall Mount, Red Ottoman, Greysofa With Orange Pillows
Living Room With Zebra Pattern Ottoman As Table, Brown Sofa, Dark Brown Leathered Couches, Dark Wood Side Table, White Table Lamp
Living Room With White Wall, Wooden Flooring, Brown Couches, White Sofa, Plants, Zebra Painting, Blue Fur Ruf, Glass Coffee Table
Living Room With White Seating Sofa Set, Dark Wood Coffee Table, High Black Steel Clock, Animal Bone Artefact, Copper Chandelier, White Fur Ottoman, Plants
Living Room With White Wall, Blue Curtain, Brown Sofa Set, Wooden Flooring, Tiger Pattern Rug, Black Glass Coffee Table, Chandelier, Plants, Animal Miniature
Living Room With Brown Walls, Dark Wooden Flooring, Wooden Ceiling, White Sofa, Dark Wood Coffee Table, Plants

If you like animal, you might like to have safari theme decor in your living room to show people that you care about animal. To have safari theme living room is so easy. You can only have zebra pattern rug in your living room and it will create whole different finish look to your living room. It can also be the animal painting, if you prefer painting, or plants, if you really love nature. Because creating safari theme is so easy, you don’t need professional to make it happen. You can do it yourself. Here are some ideas on safari décor that might look good in your living room.

Warm Safari Room

In this picture, there are lots of things that can be described as safari décor. First, the tiger painting that looks menacing in the wall. And next is the floor lamp with copper bamboo legs; some say bamboo never wrongly shows safari side of a room. And you can see that there is bamboo shelves beside the sofa with animal pattern upholster. The next thing is of course, the animal pattern rug that covers the entire room. And the room itself has so many animal miniatures, in the table or near the window. So you can say, this room pronounces its safari theme so well.

Plants for Safari Decor

As it is said, it is easy to make safari theme room. In this picture, the only focal characteristic of safari decor is the plants in the corner of the room. The room itself has the wooden feeling that it’s almost feel like in forest with the plants there. Don’t forget to make sure the lights and water in your plants to make them healthy.

Plants and Animal Rug

In this picture the safari theme decor that is pronounced well is the plants, animal miniature, and the tiger printed rug. The room itself is in calming brown color with blue touch in pillow and curtain.

Animal Painting

Besides the plant that looks good and fresh in this living room, the zebra painting is also on focal point on safari themed living room, not to mention the zebra curtain. The blue rug that glows through the glass coffee table and mirrored glass side table makes the room brighter.

living room with white wall, wooden flooring, brown couches, white sofa, plants, zebra painting, blue fur ruf, glass coffee table

Iva Designs

Plants Lives the Safari

Even if it’s only the plants, it has created so much different. But if you also put some animal bones artifacts there, it creates the safari feeling.

Zebra Pattern Ottoman

In this picture, the safari theme feeling is felt through the zebra ottoman for coffee table in the middle of the room and from the giraffe pattern head lamp beside the sofa. The plants on top of the cabinet also look so beautiful as well as the plants in the floor.

Zebra Ottoman for Coffee Table

Just the same with the previous picture, the zebra ottoman here is also used as coffee table. With one zebra pattern, the room has changed from traditional living room into a room with safari theme.

Zebra Coffee Table

In this picture, the coffee table and the pillows that is in zebra pattern, has changed the room with great difference. Zebra pattern indeed has a strong safari feeling.

Animal Head on the Wall

This room has strong safari feeling. With its stone fireplace that brings the nature in, there are so many animal’s head wall mount. It is not only deer head but even a bison head too. You can see how wild it is.

Boar Head Wall Mount

The Indian feeling in this room has created nature feeling too. And with boar head wall mount on a room, the wild feeling of safari comes.


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