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nursery, dark wooden floor, rug, white wooden crib, stuffed animals, forest wallpaper Project Nursery

Nursery, Beige Floor, White Wall, White Curtain, White Wooden Crib, White Chair, Stuffed Panda, Black Ottoman, White Changing Station
Nursery, Mirror Door, Grey Floor, Beige Rug, Beige Chair, Off White Wall, Animals' Pictures, Stuffedgiraffe, White Wooden Crib, Grey Tent
Nursery, Gey Rug Flooring, Wooden Wall, Beige Wall, Wooden Low Crib, Grey Chair, Tall Stuffed Giraffe
Nursery, Wooden Pattern Floor, Modern Side Table, Pink Chair, Pink Ottoman, Pink Crib, Blue Cabinet, White Wall, Chandelier, Stuffed Giraffe, Animals' Paintings
Nursery, Beige Floor, Rug, Grey Ottoman, Rattan Toys, Stuffed Animals, Cribs, Animals' Pictures, Floating Shelves, White Curtain
Nursery, Wooden Floor, White Rug, Animal Pattern Rug, White Cabinet, Green Wall, Wooden Accent Wall, Green Curtain, Rattan Conver Chandelier
Nursery, Gey Floor, Round Rug, White Fur Rug, White Ottoman, White Chair, White Wooden Crib, White Wall, White Cabinet, Rabbit's Pictures
Nursery, Dark Wooden Floor, Rug, White Wooden Crib, Stuffed Animals, Forest Wallpaper
Nursery, Wooden Floor, White Rug, White Wall, Animal's Decorations, Yellow Curtain, Ottoman, Baskets, Rattan Cover Pendant
Nursery, Wooden Floor, Wooden Round Crib, White Urtain, White Wall, Animals' Pictures, Small Stool

Nowadays, many people try not to find out the gender of their baby and let it be surprise. However, the preparation to welcome a newborn needs some time before. To prepare the nursery, it would need to be a gender neutral thing then. For those people and for others who like to keep everything gender neutral, something that becomes trend these days. Safari is one of those gender neutral themes that can be both girl and boy and it also let children be familiar with animals. Here below are some safari themed nursery beautifully arranged to give some inspirations.

Cheerful Feeling
Stuffed animal can give cheerful feeling to a room. And in a nursery where it needs to have the cheerful note, stuffed animals are favorite. Seen here is giraffe and rabbits on the floor while zebra pattern rug and stuffed lion head are presented to bring more joyful look.

Soft Safari
While the previous one displays more cheerful safari look, this one here, although it still has cheerful look from the stuffed giraffe and animals’ pictures, it has softer colors of pink and blue.

Animal Friendly
As nursery is for children, it needs to look warm. seen here is a nursery with several stuffed animals and animals’ pictures that makes the room such merriment. However, with neutral background of the room, it looks balanced.

Natural Look
As safari looks is a natural look with animals, it needs not to be forgotten that natural material look is also a great characteristics. Seen here is a nursery with wooden floor and accent wall combined with animal pattern rug and rattan chandelier.

Sweet Safari
Although safari sounds adventurous, it can also be sweet. With beautiful chandelier and fairy lights on the room, it looks like it comes from a dreamy world. The stuffed giraffe and animals’ pictures, along with plants, have given the room the safari statement.

Camp in the Safari
Another thing that can be added when decorating for safari look is by adding a mini Indian tent along with the stuffed animal. The feeling of wild life will make the room more adventurous. Seen here below, the adventurous life is balanced with the fluffy and comfortable looking rug and chair.

Pretty and Dreamy
If safari theme is too intimidating and you prefer something subtle and really mild, this look can be a great example. With curtain on top of the round crib, it looks so sweet. However, added by fairy lights, it becomes dreamy. TO add safari look, animals’ pictures are added.

Soft Fur
If the purpose is only getting a room with animals’ picture, this one here can help you with that. Seen here, the room is completed by rabbit’s picture while the room also looks fluffy and white just like a rabbit should be.

Safari on Wall
This one here is amazing. Not only that it has quite factual shape of the stuffed animals, it also uses forest wallpaper to support the look.

Monochrome Safari
While safari theme in the previous ones are more colorful, this one here is monochrome. So, for you who love whites, you can get some inspirations from this look too. The animal added here is, of course, panda.

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