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bedroom for adults with wood flooring, dark wood beding, white linen cover, white curtain, white ottomans, white sofa, beige wall, plants, dark wood side table, table lamps Houzz

Dining Room With Brown Zebra Pattern Chairs, Round Wooden Table
Bedroom For Baby With White Cribs, White Grey Rug, Wood Flooring, White Cabinet, Big Paintings Of Elephants, Big Stuffed Elephants
Safari Theme Living Room With Zebra Pattern Rug, Zebra Pattern Couch, Zebra Pattern Lamp, Zebra Pattern Window Frame, Black Sofa, Zebra Pattern Pillos, Wooden Coffee Table
Bedroom For Kids With Animal Paintings, Stuffed Animal, Wooden Flooring, White Crib With Blue White Bed, White Table And Chair With Blue Accent
Safari Bedroom With Plants, Soile In The Bathtub Area With Wood Step, White Flooring In The Sink Area, White Bathtub,
Living Room With Safari Decor Tiger Rug, Plants, Wooden Chair, Couchm Green Wall
Bedroom For Adults With Wood Flooring, Dark Wood Beding, White Linen Cover, White Curtain, White Ottomans, White Sofa, Beige Wall, Plants, Dark Wood Side Table, Table Lamps
Safari Playroom With Animal Chair, Animal Painting, Animal Stuffed
Bathroom With Monkey Mats, Monkey Curtain, Tile Flooring, White Cabinet With Black Counter Top, White Toilet, Yellow Wall
Rustic Living Room With Wooden Flooring, Wood Frame Couch, Animal Patter Pillows And Cushions, Wooden Hang Rack, Deer Head Wall Mount

It is not difficult to have a room with safari theme. The key of safari theme is the animal and the plants. And if you only accomplished one of them, you can still create safari theme in your room. Here are some ideas on safari theme decorations put in some different rooms.

Rustic Living Room

This one room is really beautifully decorated in safari theme. With three deer head wall mount, it shows wild and adventurous feeling. The choosing of wood flooring and warm nude wall matches the theme perfectly. And the other best thing is the sofa that is framed from raw wood that is roughly attached to shape a sofa. The cushions and pillows are in animals print too.

Living Room with Zebras

In this living room, there is major safari feeling on it. One of the chairs is upholstered with zebra pattern fabric. And then, spread in the middle of the room is zebra pattern rug. The black sofa is complemented with the zebra pillows and zebra framed mirror on top of it.

Just One Rug

It is so simple to make a room to have safari theme. You can just put one safari decoration like zebra rug in this picture and this eclectic room has safari feeling on it. Not to mention the plants on the tables.

Safari Playroom

Kids are easily in love with animal. They are open to new things and animal is a unique living things that is not themselves. If you want to have a kid happy, you can just easily make their bedroom of playroom into something with stuffed animals in it. Or better, you can put little chairs with animal characters on it.

Elephants in Kids Room

Elephant is probably one of the animals that kids love the most. It is probably because it is big and kind and it is cuddly when it comes as stuffed animal. Well, you put one big stuffed elephant in the room and it’s already strong with safari feeling. And if you put one big painting about elephants or other animal, the room is without a doubt in safari theme.

Colorful Animals in Painting

Even a room of turquoise color like this can turn into safari theme room when the animals painting are put on the wall. Adding a stuffed animal, it is all complete.

Safari Bedroom for Adults

If you love to have more wildness in your room, you can start by something small like putting plants in your room. It will make your room fresher and sometimes it only takes small gesture to make huge difference.

Forest in Bathroom

When you see this bathroom, you might think that the owner really loves nature and probably wish she/he can bring forest in it. Well, if you want it too, you can just put living plants as much as you can, and bring the sand or grains to be the soil in your bathroom. But to make it tidy, like this picture, you might want to have stepping stones or woods. The hanging accents in this picture are also beautiful it might remind you of South Africa lantern or something. The opaque tempered ceiling brings light the best it can. It really makes the bathroom tropically fun.

safari bedroom with plants, soile in the bathtub area with wood step, white flooring in the sink area, white bathtub,

Eduarda Correa Arquiteture & Interiores

Kids Bathroom

If you want something simpler than the previous one, you can do something more like this picture. You can choose more mature picture or accessories if you want to. But for kids’ bathroom, these monkey mats and monkey curtain is simple, not dangerous, and fulfilling its task.

Dining in Safari Theme Room

This dining room is simple yet beautiful. With only zebra print chairs surround a round wooden table, it creates safari theme without adding so many decorations.

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