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bedroom, wooden floor, white wall, wooden bed platform, black floor lamp, wooden cabinet, grey rug, rack Dania Furniture

Bedroom, Grey Rug, White Wall, Tall Small Glass Window, White Bed, Wooden Bench, White Sconces
Bedroom, White Wooden Floor, White Wall, Light Wooden Bed Platform, Wooden Side Table, Wooden Cupboard, Wooden Cabinet, Grey Pendant, White Rug
Bedroom, Grey Carpet, Grey Wall, Wooden Bed Platform, Grey Bedding, Wooden Side Table, Floating Wooden Shelves
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wooden Bed Platform, Grey Bedding, White Side Table, Black Table Lamp
Bedroom, White Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Floor Lamp, Wooden Bed Platfom, Wooden Side Table, Grey Rug, White Bedding
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wooden Bed Platform, Black Floor Lamp, Wooden Cabinet, Grey Rug, Rack
Bedroom, Seamless Floor, Carpet, Wooden Bed Platform, Blue Bed, White Wall, Sconces, Wooden Side Tables
Bedroom, White Floor, White Wall, Wooden Bed Platform, Silver Onion Pendant, Wooden Side Table, White Wall
Bedroom, White Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wooden Bed Platform, Light Colored Wooden Cabinet And Side Table, Dark Animal Rug, Grey Floor Lamp
Bedroom, Grey Floor, Grey Wall, Golden Pyramid Sconce, Wooden Bed Platform, Wooden Side Table, Wooden Cabinet, Wooden Chair With Grey Cushion, Glass Window

For those who love clean and tidy look, minimalist style would be the best option to decorate the rooms, especially the bedroom. As bedroom is the most private room where anyone would love to relax with themselves, putting the best look would help to acquire comfort. And for those who love clean look, Scandinavian or modern look bedroom would suffice the best.

On Grey
Maximizing the room with a neutral color can create a really simple look. This one here uses grey to drape the room. It is seen from the wall, floor and even on the bedding. The natural wood is only right to decorate a simple look bedroom. The simple and light finish on the wood surface is pretty. The fence details on the headboard makes the room more interesting.

Symmetric Bedroom
One of the simplest look is putting some simple symmetric look on the bedroom, like seen in this one here. The neutral white wall and floor is a great canvas for the natural wooden platform and side tables on both side. The golden sconces are practical and prettify the room in a good and still simple way.

Simple Warmth
This one here depicts the idea of being a simple yet warm room. The room is completed with wooden furniture and floor that are both warm and easy in the eye. Accompanied with white wall, the combination cannot be wrong.

Fun Touch
If you’re worried that the bedroom would become too stark or boring, adding some interesting touches can make the room more alive. Adding a decoration with contrast color can help the room to go too boring, like seen in this one. It does not only add a vase of flowers but also adds silvery pendants that looks really interesting in the midst of the room.

Sweet Minimalist
If you love Japanese look in the house, you would love this one. The clean and light look on the furniture feels so right. The light colored wood on the furniture blends perfectly well with the white wooden floor, white wall and even the light grey pendant. The lightweight look in the room is helped further with the bright light coming from the glass window.

Romantic Show
Although the setting is simple, this one here can give a romantic look. The white bedding looks so sweet with the companion of the nice sconces and tall simple glass window. The wooden bench at the foot puts a more romantic look.

Modern Style
This simple bedroom looks exceptional with the large glass window that illuminate the room in the best way possible. The dark wooden furniture puts a nice contrast to the light grey combination.

Lightweight Platform
The simplest way to make an easy simple look is by combining light colored wooden furniture with white. This easy combination can make the room looks tidy and light. The clean design on the be platform looks both simple and interesting.

Minimalist Accessories
Although minimalist bedroom usually puts so little inside, some accessories can liven the mood without ruining the minimalist setting. This one here puts the accessories in white and black and it spices up the room.

Refurbished Wood
If real wood can seem so expensive, you can go with refurbished wood, like this one. The refurbished wood can still bring natural look in the room, just like this one. The pattern on the headboard looks interesting and raw.

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