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Living Room With Grey Sofa, White Rug With Black Lines, Black Rattan Chair, White Round Coffee Table, White Wooden Shelves, Grey Pillows
Living Room, With Wooden Flooring, Grey Sofa, White Wooden Coffee Table, White Long Table With Brown Wooden Stools, Rattan Hanging Lamp
Living Room With White Rug, Wooden Coffee Table, Dark Grey Sofa With Black And White Pillows, Black Metallic Floor Lamp
Living Room With Grey Sofa, Grey Pillows, Metallic White Round Coffee Table, Metallic Hanging Lamp, White Wall, Wooden Flooring
Living Room With Grey Sofa, White Pillows, Wooden Round Coffee Tables, Black And White Paintings
Living Room Near The Stairs, With Grey Corner Sofa With Soft Coloured Pillows, White Rug, White And Brown Round Coffee Tables
Living Room With Grey Corner Sofa With Pink And Grey Pillows, White Round Coffee Table, Brown Leather Bean Bag, Black And White Geometrical Rug, White Hanging Shelves
Living Room With White Wall, White Wooden Flooring, White Wooden Low Shelves, White Vases, Soft Coloured Pillows On The Floor
Living Room With Wooden Floor, Tall Doors, Wide Windows, White Wall, Blue Sofas, Brown Chairs, Wooden Coffee Table
Living Room With Ligiht Wooden Flooring, Brown Cabinet With Round Wide Mirror, White Fur Stool, White Rug, Black Metallic Wall Lamp, Nude Bench With Metallic Feet

The characteristic of Scandinavian style in interior design is combining minimalist colour palettes and comfortable look with the stark of modern furniture. This style has been a popular look since 2017 and it hasn’t really been dimmed in 2018. Surely its simplicity yet still giving comfort that makes this look still popular even to this day.  One of the popular Scandinavian looks in the house is in the living room. It is understandable when living room is usually one room that need comfort the most, besides bedroom.  So then, let’s see the variation of what you can do in a living room to make it Scandinavian.

Minimalist Colour Palette

As it mentioned before, Scandinavian style has its sole in minimalist colour palette that you can see it here in this room where most of the colour used are in grey colour palette. The pillows are although so many, still in the same colour palette, just as it goes with the coffee table and the rug.


Aqua Soft Colours

Even though it seems like Scandinavian mostly use white, black, or grey, it doesn’t mean that they have no colours at all. Look at here in the picture, the soft navy and yellow brown are together in creating cozy space while still look modern. And wood is never wrong to show natural character in a room.


Blue Pastel Colour

Here, we can see that besides white and grey, blue colour is also used to create the colour palette. The layering in this room looks so comfortable too given to that many pillows, blanket, and paintings that make the room feels so familiar.


Clear Comfortable Lines

Even though modern furniture often has clear lines and quite cold, this one here is successful in bringing the comfortable lines to come out. With nude colour palettes in pillows, cushion, and rugs, even the metallic lamp and bench feet can’t make the room goes cold.


Bright Room

This bright room brings warmth and happiness only from the way it looks. The layering of the pillows and blanket makes you feel like this is most comfortable. And the lights both from the lamps and the windows give the room warmth and cheerfulness to it.


With a Touch of a Rug

With the grey corner sofa and varied soft coloured pillows, it has been a beautiful Scandinavian room. However, the modern look of the round nest coffee tables looks so refreshing.


Bright Sun Light

In this comfortable long sofa where the pillows are stacked and the blanket are spread anywhere, nobody would argue of its comfort. And although the colour choice of grey can be quite boring to some people, it then revives warmly with the rattan hanging lamp and the small stool, and of course bright sun light coming from the window.


Grey Warm Room

Still with its minimalist grey colour palette, this one room offers warmth no less. The round coffee tables let you manage with a cup of warm drinks to enjoy while gathering with your family. The airy feeling of Scandinavian characters can be seen through the clean colour and wide windows opened.


Modern Black

Here in the picture we have black coloured sofa that anchored the room and define it as the focal point of the room. With white slate in the background, black has been really pronounced.


Natural Touch

Scandinavian style likes to add natural touch in their room. And of course, the easiest way is to put living plants to your room and get the natural feeling in an instant. You can choose the plants that easily attended. However, if you’re afraid it’d still troublesome, paintings of plants would be lovely too.

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