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Wall Luminous Lights that Shines in Your Living Room

Light fixture should fulfill the task of lighting in every room. In living room, it depends on what you used to do there. Some living room is only for watching TV, some of it to have conversation while enjoying the heat of fire place, some of it need living room to be the center of the activity for everyone in the house. Well, whatever the task is, sconces can fulfill it all. And it is not the task, sconces can bring good ambiance in your room. You can choose the bulbs inside it that match your need. If you think so, you would love to see some great sconces mentioned below.

Reading Sconces

This white pretty reading light is placed perfectly on top of the white sofa. Not only that it matches the sofa but it also brings the best light for people who read under the sconces.

white reading sconces with golden tube
Cynthia Lynn

White High Sconces

In this reading lighting, the sconces are placed pretty high but with LED lights, it can brightens the room effectively so that it is good enough for reading too.

white sconces with white two legs tube
Susan Glick Interiors

Candle Sconces

These two sconces on top of the grey sofa brings warm ambiance to the room. Whether it is fake or true candle with LED lamps that save the energy, it gives the room warm and rustic feeling to the room.

classic candle sconces with black iron arms
M2 Design Group

Small Accent Sconces

These two sconces give accents to the lights that radiate from the bottom and the upper side of the sconces. It gives a dramatic effect to the room and it also complements the painting in the middle.

traditional sconces with top and bottom accents
TM Grady Builders

High Accent Sconces

Sconces can be placed high in the room with high ceiling, like in this picture. These sconces gives radiant yellow lights from the top and bottom of the lamps and bring yellow shape of hourglass.

flat horizontal sconces with top and bottom accent
Vanguard Studio, Inc.

Accent Sconces with Holes

When you have accent sconces, you will expect to have the luminous light that spread from the bottom and the top of the lamps. However, with this sconces, the lights does not sneaking up from the up and the bottom but also from the holes around it. It makes the sconces shines brighter than the usual sconces.

round accent sconces with holes around it
Space Harmony

Yellow Blocks of Lights

In these two sconces, the lights come out like a beautiful yellow blocks in the wall. It shines warmly to the room and gives luminous light to the painting.

cube glass sconces with yellow lights
Marshall Erb Design

Beautiful Sconces

In this picture, you can see that the sconces used are probably more than one pair. And it is fine too as long as it complements each other. Although, you can put the other sconce in other room too, if you want the room not to be too heavy with too much light fixture.

sconce with round glass bulbs and sconce with two heads
Archer & Buchanan Architecture, LTD

Three Tier Sconces

If you think you want sconces with more classical look, you will love this one. These three-tier sconces are so pretty it is a delight in the room. It decorates the room well and of course it radiates warmly in the room.

beautiful three tier sconces with yellow lights
Kenneth Davis Lux International