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Attractively Awesome Screen Porch Designs to be Inspired By

Designing an attractive screen porch is one of the things you can do to improve your home’s overall looks since to make your home awesome, you need to design its parts with all of your heart to make them look awesome. If designing an attractive screen porch is something you’re planning on doing, there are many awesome screen porches you can get some very nice inspirations from. The attractively awesome screen porches below are some of those many porches.

A Rustic Screen Porch with Decking and a Roof Extension

The porch you see below is a rustic screen porch with decking and a roof extension, a cool lamp, a wooden floor and a chair with a very interesting design.

screen porch designs deck hardwood floors unique armchairs wood footrest column ceiling pendant rustic design
Whitten Architects

A Country Screen Porch with a Brown Sofa with Pillows and More

The screen porch below is a country screen porch with a brown sofa with pillows, two chairs with different designs, an old-looking table and more.

screen porch design brown sofa set armchair wood table tray ottoman plant decorations light fixtures white walls farmhouse design
Crisp Architects

A Screened-in Porch for a Living Room

Below is a screened-in porch for a living room, something you can try getting nice inspirations from if screened-in porches are things you’re interested in.

screen porch designs patio stone pavers colorful chairs pool longue deck garden contemporary design
Lake Flato Architects

A Classic Screen Porch with Decking

The screen porch below is a classic screen porch with decking, rattan chairs, rattan tables, ceiling fans and small round-top tables.

screen porch designs rattan chairs round tables hardwood floors blue urn wood ceiling railing garden fans traditional design
Allison Ramsey Architects

A Screen Front Porch with a Mahogany Deck

The porch below is a screen front porch with a mahogany deck, two chairs with the same design, one chair with a different design from the two aforementioned chairs’ and a small table with an interesting design.

screen porch designs chairs round small table deck white ceiling walls double glass doors urn farmhouse design
Crisp Architects

A Beautiful Screen Porch with a Greek Revival Design

If you love greek revival designs, the beautiful screen porch below is something you should get inspirations from because it’s a porch with a cool greek revival design.

screen porch designs urns decking wood steps stone pavers garden patio upholstered chairs grey walls wood fence white pillars traditional design
TreHus Architects+Interior Designers+Builders

A Screen Porch with a Gable Roof

The screen porch below has a gable roof and it’s a part of a house with an interesting design, a house with many trees around it.

screen porch designs beige walls decking wood steps garden trees two story victorian house gable roof upholstered chairs ceiling lamp victorian style
Ron Brenner Architects

Plexiglass Covers are Awesome

If you love plexiglass covers and you want to use them when creating your own screen porch, you should use the porch below as a source of inspirations.

screen porch designs stone pavers nook covers double glass doors decking sunroom light fixtures tall back chairs rustic design
Jean Terwilliger Architect

Made of Sustainable Exotic Wood

If sustainable exotic wood is a material you’d like to use when building your screen porch, using the porch below as a source of inspirations is something you’ll have to do.

screen porch designs decking glass door ceiling fans ligth fixtures rattan chairs foot rest rockingchairs vase decorative flowers famrhouse design
Frederick + Frederick Architects

Decorated by Lovely Blue Flowers

The screen porch below has a long table and several chairs accompanying it and it’s decorated by lovely blue flowers.

screen porch designs door glass flowers chairs table transitional porch
Alice Black Interiors

A Screened Porch with Sage-Green Accents

The screened porch below is a porch with cool sage-green accents and it has cool things in it including cool rattan chairs with green cushions, wooden tables and more.

screen porch designs wood column ceiling roof extension railing hardwood floors tall back chairs tables light fixtures decking rustic design
Battle Associates, Architects

A Large Porch with a Beach-style Screen

The screen porch below is a large porch with a beach-style screen, decorative plants, a ceiling fan, a sofa with pillows, cool chairs, a wooden table and a dark floor.

screen porch designs decking rattan sofa narrow wood table urn ceiling fan light glass door white ceiling beach style
Georgia Coast Design & Construction

A Contemporary Screen Porch with Decking

The porch below is a contemporary screen porch with decking, a porch that has chairs with cool designs and other things.

screen porch designs decking steps patio cabin wood chairs bench glass door contemporary design
Estes/Twombly Architects, Inc.

A Rustic Screened-in Porch in a Vintage Style

The porch below is a screened-in porch in a vintage style with old-looking but cool chairs, a small table, a small bench and more.

screen porch designs decking rattan rocking chair tall back chairs rectangular table lantern bench wood ceiling brown walls rustic design
Lands End Development – Designers & Builders

A Screen Back Porch with a Fire Feature

The porch below is a screen back porch with a fire feature, cool dark rocking chairs with cushions, a small round-top table and decorative plants.

screen porch designs decking small stairs railing fire feature rattan rocking chairs flower vases round table farmhouse design
Frederick + Frederick Architects

A Farmhouse Screen Porch with a Roof Extension

Below is a farmhouse screen porch with a roof extension, a screen porch that has two dark rocking chairs and a table between them.

screen porch designs tall back rocking chairs small table white railing concrete floors glass door long windows patio farmhouse design
Brookstone Builders

A White Timeless Screen Porch

This porch is a white timeless screen porch, a porch you have to get inspirations from if you want white colour to dominate your screen porch.

screen porch designs decking column glass windows double glass doors white railing ceiling pillars light fixture traditional design
Ingrained Wood Studios

Completed with a Modern UV Protective Coating

The porch below has a modern UV protective coating, dark-coloured rocking chairs, white chairs with cushions and decorative plants.

screen porch designs decking tall back rocking chairs armchairs ceiling lamps white railing glass door flower urn traditional design

Near an Area Decorated by Plants and a Modern Wall Lamp

The porch below has a beautiful floor, glass doors, chairs and more and it’s near an area decorated by interesting decorative plants and a modern wall lamp.

screen porch designs decking white rails armchairs table light fixtures stone walls double glass doors urns ceiling lamp traditional design
U+B Architecture & Design

With Brilliant Pops of Blue and Yellow

The porch below is decorated by brilliant pops of blue, which appear on the couch and chairs, and brilliant pops of yellow, which appear on pillows, flowers and a small table.

screen porch designs concrete slab decking roof extension bench chairs small table stairs white railing urn ceiling fan light fixture beach style
Rethink Design Studio

A Wide Screen Porch with a Dining Area

The wide screen porch below has a lot to offer including a dining area with a wooden dining table and wooden dining chairs.

screen porch designs decking chairs wood dining table bench ceiling fan lights roof extension wall decoration lights beach style
Robert Young Architects

With White Frames

Some of the things that can easily be seen from the screen porch below are white frames that surround the area, which is an area with a table, chairs and more.

screen porch designs decking wood round tables bench glass door white railing roof extension traditional design
Blackdog Design Build Remodel

A Trendy Porch with Removable Screen Panels

One of the coolest things about the porch below is the fact that it has removable screen panels aside from having cool wooden chairs, a cool wooden table, a ceiling fan and beautiful flowers decorating the table.

screen porch designs built in stone fireplace wood set table and chairs railing decking throw pillows ceiling fan light fixtures flower centerpiece contemporary design
Chouteau Building Group, LLC

A Screen Porch with a Trendy Flat Roof

The screen porch below has a trendy flat roof that looks awesome when seen from the outside and of course, the trendy roof isn’t the only thing the porch has since it also has cool furniture pieces in it.

screen porch designs roof extension decking pool stone pavers longues chairs round table patio contemporary design
Michael Abraham Architecture

A Minimalist Screen Porch with Lots of Wood

The small porch below is a minimalist porch with lots of wood, a cool porch that has stairs ready just outside its door.

screen porch designs stone pavers round chairs small stairs railing wood frame wall windows blinds light fixtures sofa decking modern design
Fowlkes Studio