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yellow seamless wall and sink, white faucet, mirror De Standaard

Pink Brown Seamless Wall, Wooden Floating Vanity, Pink Round Sink, Black Faucet, Hanging From The Ceiling Mirror, Stool
Light Green Bathroom With Smooth Wall, White Tub Indented,
Bathroom, Grey Bath Tub, Grey Floating Floating, Black Faucet, Brown Wall, Round Tub
Grey Seamless Bathroom, Built In Tub, Vanity Sink, Wooden Accent Shelves
Terracotta Seamless Bathroom, With White Tub Inside, White Apron Sink, White Floating Toilet, Mirror, White Ceiling
Grey Seamless Bathroom, Built In Tub, Floaitng Vanity Sink, Orang Faucet
Yellow Seamless Vanity, White Wall, Mirror
Yellow Seamless Wall And Sink, White Faucet, Mirror
Modern Bathroom, Bright Tosca Wall, Bright Tosca Vanity, White Square Tiles On The Floor And Wall, Mirror, Pendant
Grey Simple Seamless Bathroom, Indented Shelve, Wooden Accent

Minimalist bathroom can be really endearing for those who love modern style. You can create a minimalist bathroom with neutral colors or smooth and clean surface or combination of all. It’s always interesting how people can design as little as possible but without forgetting the beauty and practicality of a bathroom. Here below are ten attractive minimalist bathrooms with seamless and minimal details on the surface.

Bright Green
Although bright and bold color is not really the common color that modern and minimalist style love to use, this one here still shows the minimalist design on the seamless surface, not only on the wall and floor but also on the sink. This interesting match is a pretty sight.

Seamless Yellow
This bright and warm yellow is really adorable to be seen in a bathroom. And although it can look too much, the seamless surface makes it cleaner and softer and less bold. The built-in sink with white faucet looks pretty and effortless.

Light Green
This one here also has the clean ans seamless look on the wall and tub. The light green color on the entire surface creates a minimalist look but with fun color.

Pale Terracotta
This pale terracotta bathroom holds a minimalist and modern style inside. However, with its warm color, the bathroom is balanced. White tub, sink, and toilet has been a neutral balance along with the ceiling.

Yellow Vanity
Just like the yellow seamless bathroom before, this one here is also in bright and bold color of yellow, although it is warmer. If you think going with bold color is interesting but you cannot pull out entirely bold, this can help you with your wish. This modern clean vanity is a great completion to the white wall. It brings more fun to the room.

Blushed Brown
This minimalist bathroom looks pretty and beautiful in its beautiful brown wall and floor. The grey tub and floating vanity make a smooth appearance in the bathroom that complete the look.

Bronzed Bathroom
Similar to the previous one, this one here has a seamless look with brown color on the surface. This one, though, brings out rather pinkish or bronzed look on the wall due to its soft patterned wall and pink sink on floating wooden vanity.

Grey Coat
This one here goes on more minimalist with the smooth and clean surface with wooden accent. It is not only the smooth surface that makes the minimalist look strong but also the grey built-in tub, stairs, and floating sink.

Orange Accent
This one here is similar to the previous on with its grey surface. However, to spice things up, this one here adds orange accent on the faucet and shower. Its bold color, though it’s thin, makes a bold impression against the grey surrounding.

Simple Accent
Just like the previous one, this one also uses neutral grey look on its surface and adding only indented shelve to store the soap and shampoo on the tub. Outside the tub, wooden accent is decorated with its different texture.

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