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small living room with brown simple sofa, round white coffee table, brown short chairs, book shelves High Gloss Blue

Small Dining Set With Brown Wooden Table, White Wooden Chair With Green Cushion, Near Brown Wooden Table With Brown Wooden Chair With Green Cushion
Small Living Room With Small White Corner Sofa With Colorful Pillows
Red Half Round Corner Sofa Wth Round Wooden Top Table And White Wooden Legs, Brown Wooden Chairs With Brown Cushion
Small Brown White Stripped Sofa With White Round Top Table With Wooden Legs
Seating In Living Room With White Corner Sofa And Brown Ottoman For Coffee Table
Small Dining Set With White Top Table, Dark Brown Chair
Seating Area Near The Window Kitchen With Brown Cushion
Corner Dining Seating In Grey With White Chair, White Marble Top Table
Seating Near The Window In The Living Room With Grey Cushion
Small Living Room With Brown Simple Sofa, Round White Coffee Table, Brown Short Chairs, Book Shelves

For a small space, you will need to consider on how your wall and ceiling will look like, and how your furniture will look like. It is not only a matter of taste but also a matter of saving space and making the room more breathable. There are a lot of things you can do to make your room comfortable to be in and to look at. Seating area can be tricky when it comes to a small space room because people want to be able to sit around comfortably and it usually demands a big couch or chair. If you are wondering how your big couch or chair will look in your small room, here are some ideas you can see.

Corner Dining Seat

This one is for a small room near the kitchen when you want a dining table set that allows many people to eat together and will be placed exactly on the wall. Thus, you will be able to save maximum space.

Round the Corner

This is another idea that you can apply to your dining room when you have only small space to your dining area. Putting corner seating area will help you gain the space on the other side.

Simple Dining Area

Sometimes, when you have small space, you want only simple light furniture in it so that your room will not look too heavy. This one is a simple look that you can try by choosing a simple square table and putting light chair around it.

Classic Small Dining Set

This is a really beautiful set of a traditional dining set that can go well in your small space. The small classic table and simple wooden chair complemented each other. The chandelier is also a beauty in this room.

Near the Kitchen Window

When you think of a chair or when you can rest during your time in the kitchen, it doesn’t always have to be a chair in dining set. This seating area near the window can be a comforting area too.

Near the Living Room Window

When you need more seating area in your living room besides the couch, this one can be a great choice instead of adding more chairs into the room.

Living Corner Sofa

This is one simple and comfortable white corner sofa that can brighten any living room. And for a small living room, having corner sofa is the best you can do to make sure as many people can sit.

One Cozy Room

If you don’t have the space like the previous one, you can still have the smaller corner sofa for your smaller room. With the neutral color, it will always look good and you can play with brighter and bolder color in the pillows.

Nice Reading in Great Couch

This one is a small simple yet beautiful living room. With the bookshelves and comfortable brown sofa, you can see yourself having a nice reading there. The small size of the sofa and chairs make the upper area of the room more spacious.

Brownish in the Nook

If you have a small space like this and instead of making it into a half bathroom or closet, you can always have a small seating area as a great treat.

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