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white wall with yellow nook, yellow cushion, shelves inside, yellow pillows, wooden floor, wooden side table, yellow floor lamp Futurist Architecture

White Cupboard With Nook, Wooden Seating, White Side, Wooden Lines Between The Door
Nook In The Middle Of White Cupboard, Plyboard Side, Pillow
Nook On The Wall, Wooden Wall, Sconce, Sofa Inside, Yellow Pillows, Wooden Floor, Bookcase On The Side
Nook In The Middle Of White Cupboard, Wooden Lines, Wooden Boxes For Shelves Inside, Wooden Nook With Grey Cushion
Wooden Built In Cupboard, Seating Nook On The Side
Wooden Nook With Dark Grey Cushion, Pillows, Ceiling LED Lights, White Cupboard With Dreawers
White Wall With Yellow Nook, Yellow Cushion, Shelves Inside, Yellow Pillows, Wooden Floor, Wooden Side Table, Yellow Floor Lamp
Nook On The Wall, Pegboards On The Deph, White Wall, Ceiling Lamp, Wooden Floating Bench, Blue Cushion, Wooden Floor
Nook In The Middle Of The Cupboard, Wooden Bench With Drawers Under, Wooden Side,
White Cupboard With Nook, Wooden Seating And Side Protruded, Pillows, Ceiling Lamp

There are ways to make statement in the room. It can be done by playing color paints or by using a strong furniture that stands up and leaves strong impression for people who pass by. However, having a seating nook will not only leave a strong impression but also adds more functions in the room. These one here below will give you some ideas on how brilliant a seating nook is on the wall.

A Nook with Sofa
A simple thing to do when you want to have seating nook on the wall is probably what this one here does. It has a lean and smooth nook with sconces and add a comfortable sofa with the right size inside. With that, it all looks pretty and right.

A Nook with Floating Bench
This one here is another easy treatment that you can do in creating seating nook. Adding floating bench is simple not only on the making but also in sight. With empty space under the bench, you can put storage or let it bare like this one here. Adding pegboards can make it more practical too, especially when the nook in in the entrance where you need hooks.

In the Middle of Cupboard
Besides, wall, cupboard that is specially designed is another great thing that can help you get seating nook, like this one here. In the middle of the white cupboard, a simple wooden nook with its simple bench and drawers under it, it makes the nook a great place to sit and to store things. The interesting thing is that the bench is not as wide as the cupboard depth and that makes the bench as part of the bench, not the cupboard.

On the Right
Similar to the previous one, this one here is also built-in with the specially designed cupboard. The simple look of the box makes it part of the cupboard perfectly well. With this design, you will save space better than the previous one.

Modern Seating Nook
For those who love minimalist and modern look of cupboard with seating nook, this one below here might be the best option to pick. With smooth and flat surface on the door, this one here puts up modern vibe perfectly.

Minimalist Nook
Similar to the previous one, this one here also has a very simple and flat surface on the cupboard. To make it more comfortable, cushion is added to the nook with matching modern vibe.

Modern Nook
Another modern styled seating nook is seen in this one with one more details on the wooden nook that is protruded from the space it is given.

Wooden Lines
This one here also has the nook in the middle of the cupboard. However, not only that it’s a cupboard but a brilliant cupboard with wooden lines between the door protruded including the wooden seating on the nook.

Among the Shelves
This one here is an improvisation to the previous one. Not only that the cupboard has an interesting and appealing wooden lines between the doors, this one here also creates shelves on the inside too. And to make the nook more comfortable, cushion is added.

Bold Yellow
If you love to make bold and strong impression, this one here might be the best inspiration. With bold yellow protruded nook, this one here successfully creates a gorgeous spot, especially with shelves inside. Added with side table and floor lamp, it can be the best seating spot ever.

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