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Seats Under The Stairs, White Plank Wall, White Sconce, White Built In Bench With Drawers, Striped Cushion
Seats Under The Stairs, White Vertical Plank, White Wooden Bench, Brown Cushion, Pillows, Wooden Floor, Brown Sofa
Seats Under The Stairs, Low Wooden Bench, White Cushion, Orange Wall, Red Lamp, Pillows
Seats Under The Stairs, White Wall, White Bench, White Stairs, White Cushion, White Bulb Sconce, Foldable Side Table
Seats Under The Stairs, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Stairs, Bue Built In Bench And Storage, Blue Cushion, Blue Rug
Seats Under The Stairs, White Built In Bench With Drawers, Window, White Wall, White Stiars
Seats Under The Stairs, White Wall, White Bookshelves, Green Patterned Cushion
Seats Under The Stairs, Wooden Floor, Grey Wall Plank, White Stairs, Grey Built In Bench, Golden Ottoman, Golden Sconce
Seats Under The Stairs, White Built In Bench, White Stairs, Brown Wooden Floor, Grey Cushion, Grey Pillows, Silver Sconce

Under the stairs can be used for many things. It can add to the beauty of your house and it can the comfort to your house. If you incline to have some comfort added, under the stairs is one of the best places to do it. Here below are some pretty examples how seats under the stairs can brings out the comfort.

Green Pattern
If your stairs is located near the corner of a room and still you have some space to spare, a comfort like seating under the stairs can create the space into some comfortable hideout where you can enjoy the day. With some bookshelves, you will be able to get the best reading time. A large and tall glass makes the area look not at all dark.

Golden Touch
This modern look under the stairs can be added with some bright touch like golden details just as shown in the picture below. The golden sconce and round ottoman make the neutral look seems brighter.

In the Center
While seating under the stairs might be easier when the stairs closed to the wall, it can be done when the stairs in the center of the room too. Building bench under the stairs with back will let you have some useful and camfortable place.

Blended White
This one here shows a small seating under the wall that blends well with the background. The white built-in bench and the cushion makes it a perfect look for a modern and minimalist style.

Blue Storage and Bench
This one here shows a great deal of use. Not only that it gives comfortable look in the entrance here but also it gives some storage. Put under the stairs, the seats look incredible with its dark blue color.

Small Beach Touch
If you love beach look, you can put some wood plank on the area that it can bring out the the cheerful look from the dark and small space. The striped look is continued in the cushion here. And with drawers under the cushion, this space is a great addition to the room.

Farmhouse Space
For a farmhouse style, the seats can look so comfortable as it will brings out traditional look on the cushion, pillows, and the color on it. It is a perfect addition to the living room or to just warm you

NEar the Window
To make nder the stairs not only comfortable but also beuatiful that it wil ad the elgance to the room as well, putting some interesting details like this one here. With windows and red bold cushion, this space has becoming really pretty.

Low bench
While the previous one is with built-in bench, this one here is added with very low bench. And the next thing you need is just cushion and lamp so that the space is lit beautifully. With this kind of space, it looks wide while the lamp gives warmth to the room.

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