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shower components beige wall and floor tiles glass shower enclosure built in shelves mirrored cabinet wooden vanity sink faucet toilet wall sconce James C Schell

Shower Components Sink Faucet Mirrored Cabinet Glass Window Glass Divider Built In Bathtub Towel Holder Shower Fixture Built In Shelf
Shower Components Glass Shower Enclosure Glass Shower Doors Wooden Vanity White Countertop Make Up Mirror Wall Mirror Wall Sconces Built In Bench Sink Faucet
Shower Components Frosted Glass Shower Doors Brown Wall Tile Grey Flooring Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub Glass Windows Wooden Stool Minimalist Vanity
Shower Components White Walls Tiles Black Shower Fixtures Frosted Glass Windows Indoor Plant Towel Holder Built In Bathtub Toilet White Floor Tile Glass Shower Door
Shower Components Beige Wall And Floor Tiles Glass Shower Enclosure Built In Shelves Mirrored Cabinet Wooden Vanity Sink Faucet Toilet Wall Sconce
Shower Components Window Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub Wooden Floor Beige Mosaic Floor And Wall Tiles Glass Walls Shower Fixture Marble Bench
Shower Components White Wall Tiles Sliding Shower Fixture Wall Mounted Head Shower Stone Flooring Mosaic Wall Tile Decoration Built In Bench
Shower Components Wooden Floating Vanity Built In Bathtub Glass Divider Rainfall Shower White Sink Faucet Wall Mirror
Shower Components Bamboo Flooring Beige Floor Tile Beige Wall Tile White Built In Bench Glass Shower Divider Wooden Vanity Shower Fixture Rainshower Head
Shower Components Frameless Glass Shower Doors Stainless Steel Shower Fixture Towel Holder Black Mosaic Floor Tile White Wall Tile Built In Bench

Creating a walk-in shower or a shower tub combo needs some shower components to make the functions in your bathroom work. Some of them are a hand shower, a shower head, the head shower rail, and other additional shower components. Get the high-quality shower fixture that will absolutely good and last longer. Nowadays, you can also buy some shower fixture sets in traditional into modern style. Choose the one that will suit your taste and the bathroom style. They should get the proper installation. The following are some stunning shower components with high quality which you can install in your bathroom.

Get The Balance Right

This walk-in shower features the floor to ceiling glass windows, a water-resistant ceiling lamp, a shower head, and a built-in shelf to keep the owner’s shampoo and soap. The floor, wall, and ceiling are tiled to get the balance.

A Shower Space Statement

The wooden floor on the shower space and the beige floor tile outside created a space statement. It also provides nice shower components such as rainfall shower head and the hand shower.

The Luxurious Shower Components

This door-less shower enclosure shows the luxury in shower space. There is a high-quality shower head installed on the low marble wall. The floor transition is also beautiful with the beige mosaic floor tile into the wooden floor.

Built On-Site Components

Having a large shower space with a built-in bench and a wide vanity in a bathroom is not too much for a home where a big family lives in. Since it has a spacious shower area, a rain head shower can be installed in the center of it.

A Fancy Shower Head

A cozy bathroom is a favorite for young people.  This shower tub combo has black shower components. The black and white color scheme make the shower head look fancy.

A One-Piece Component

The shower floor is an acrylic base, it is a one-piece component. This small shower base can complete the shower components besides the wall mounted shower head and the frameless glass shower stall.

A Trendy Bathroom Design

This bathroom is a perfect example of how to save water. The water-saving fixtures help reduce the water waste. The shower space and the acrylic freestanding tub really stand out in the concrete flooring. The concrete floor is usually used for easy maintenance.

The Shower Component Setting

The built-in tub is nicely designed with the shower components next to it. The frameless shower glass divider is installed to prevent the water splash into the floating vanity.

A Wall Mounted Shower Head

Blend the traditional elements with modern shower components to create an updated spa feeling in the bathroom. The wall mounted shower head is installed on the white porcelain shower wall and the hand shower next to the corner.

An Award-Winning Futuristic Bathroom Design

Choose the futuristic shower components to fill this bathroom to emphasize the futuristic design. This bathroom was nicely created in a small space with minimalist designs features and natural color scheme.

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