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Side Table Decorations Ideas Chandelier Ottoman White Sofa Colorful Pillows Floor Lamp Table Lamp Side Table Wall Art Windows Blue Curtains
Side Table Decorations Ideas Window Curtain Mirrored Side Table Area Rug Chair Chrome Table Lamp White Cabinets White Builtin Desk Gray Walls
Side Table Decorations Ideas Traditional Seat Wooden Floor Stools Windows Wall Sconces Ceiling Fans Rattan Shade Rug
Side Table Decorations Ideas Orange Wall White Tufted Headboard White Bedding Area Rug Wooden Bench Bedside Tables White Table Lamps White Curtain Pillows
Side Table Decorations Ideas Wall Decor Black Table Lamps Tan Walls Window White Curtains Pillows Bed Black Pedestal Sidetable Armchairs
Side Table Decorations Ideas Green Acrylic Freestanding Tub Side Table Tub Filler Wooden Floor Tropical Wallpaper Towel Hook Gray Wall Windows
Side Table Decorations Ideas Window Wallpaper Freestanding Bathtub Blue Chair Small Round Side Table Tub Filler Towel Holders Glass Door
Side Table Decorations Ideas Black Tufted Ottoman Beige Sofa Beige Chairs Wall Art White Table Lamps Orange Curtains Colorful Pillows Tray Flower Arrangement
Side Table Decorations Ideas Chandelier Gray Curtains Windows Gray Bed Gray Headboard White Table Lamps Velvet Bench Rug Wooden Floor Pillows Head Statue
Side Table Decorations Ideas Sunburst Mirror Traditional Rug Hard Wood Flooring Glass Side Table Beige Sofa Beige Chairs Fireplace Console Table Pillows Coffee Table

Side table may be considered as an additional furniture piece that functions to fill the seating features in your home as well as providing storage where you can put some books or your cup of tea. Although the side table may not be the focal point in a room, it still needs items to decorate the surface which can beautify the side table. As a side table usually has a small top, you can put a small vase of flowers arrangement, a cactus, a small indoor plant, or a frame with a family picture. Here are some side table decorations ideas that will inspire you to beautify the side tables in your home.

A Small Seating Space

A slim side table is perfect for small seating space. Its top is filled with a small indoor plant and a frame which can represent a beautiful memory. The numerous windows will keep the area bright on the day.

A White Cute Flower Vase

Add the side table decorations ideas which come in a unique design and contrast color. This black side table is placed in between two white plaid armchair. A unique flower vase is put on it to enhance the color scheme.

Bedside Table Decorations

Bedside table shouldn’t be empty. It may be filled with some table lamps which complete the bedroom layout. Besides the table lamp, the bedside table can be a place for a frame with your favorite pictures and some glass decorations.

Decorations for Glass Side Table

Side table decorations ideas for glass table can vary in different colors and material. The glass top will let the decoration look so stand out.

A Corner Side Table

Place a side table in the corner of your living room to not waste the space. Then you can put a white table lamp, a flower vase, and a small family frame on it. For a minimalist sofa, you can inject lots of color by arranging some colorful pillows on it.

Head Statue Decoration

The custom gray bed and gray bench are the focal points of this cool and calm bedroom. If you are bored with the usual side table decorations ideas, you can put a small head statue and a table lamp with an artistic base.

A Mirrored Side Table

Fill your office with the things you love and can add your mood. Your office space isn’t all about work, it should also be about the things which can make you relax. A mirrored side table is well placed with a flower on it.

A Relaxing Candle

If you are looking for the side table decorations ideas which can also make you relax, you can get an aromatic candle. Put it next to the glass flower vase and lit it when you take a bath.

Furniture Arrangement

This is a royal furniture arrangement. A gray sofa and two chairs at a 90-degree angle with a small side table serving both.

Tropical Decoration

This is a Victorian bathroom with the tropical interior decorations on the wall and side table. This is absolutely a gorgeous space to relax.

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