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mushroom side table from brown wood Patron Design

Ottoman For Side Table
Mushroom Side Table With White Legs And Red Round Counter Top
Mushroom Side Table From Brown Wood
Wood Block For Side Table
Side Table With Cabinet In Brown And Grey
Contemporary Side Table Shelves In Black Wood
Round Side Table Shelves In White
Side Table Shelves In Yellow
Rattan Side Table In The Shape Of Wine Glass
Moveable Side Table With Black Thin Legs And Black Brown Wooden Top

In a small room, usually people like to have practical furniture in small size so that there will be much more space left. Although not always like that as some people sometimes love to have big furniture in their small room. Well, if you are one of those people who love to have much more space by keeping small size furniture, you may also like to have small side table in your living room. Especially when your living room, or maybe bedroom, is for many people in the house and you already have sofa or bed that has required much space. Below are some samples on side table for small spaces.

Practically Adjustable

This first side table is really practical. You can move it to your need. The design is slim and sleek with wood for the top and steel for the legs. This is perfect for you who love to be as simple as possible.

Rattan Cage

This beautiful side table from woven rattan may remind you of bird cage in the top part. It brings the room light ambiance so that the room will not be too heavy on furniture. Especially when you have put sofa with thick cushion.

Ottoman Side Table

Besides functioned as foot rest, ottoman can also be used for table, either coffee table, or side table. This one in the picture, the round ottoman is used as side table, enough for you to put your books.

Side Table Shelves

One of the tricks to small spaces is bringing one thing that can serve some functions, like a table and shelves. This one here is a square one with 4 shelves under the table top.

Round Side Table Shelves

Unlike the previous one, this one is round. This allows the shelves to carry much more books and anything else. So, even though it only has three shelves, it still brings much difference.

Modern Side Table Shelves

This is another side table that also shelves. However, the design is pretty modern and simple with black wood material.

Wood Block

If you love to get as simple as possible, you can go with this wood block. If you love being simple, then you might like square and fair. You simply put it in the side of your sofa.

Mushroom Wooden Block

This one is really pretty. Made from wood block, it looks so natural and brings warm ambiance to the room. It’s a perfect option for you who love rustic theme.

Red Mushroom Side Table

This one is also in the shape of mushroom but with more cute design. It literally is in the shape of mushroom with white round big legs in the center and red round table top with white dots.

Side Table Cabinet

This is another one that holds more functions. You can use it as cabinet and table. And if you love to look different, this design here is sure beautifully different. It is an apple to the eye.

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