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How big is your house size? If you think your house is small enough and you cannot build kind of big window, you may use the small one called sidelight window. This sidelight window is suitable for small house with small entrance. So, you need a door decoration, and you can build this window. Thus, there are so many sidelight window with various concept. This article will explain some of them so that you can be inspired.

As we know that small entrance needs two sidelight window. The side light windows are put at the left and right of the door. This sidelight window instead of for decoration, it is also for getting the sunlight into the house. Therefore, the best sidelight window uses glass concept. However, for additional decoration you may make a windows border which can be made of wood or iron with nice shape. this concept is for small house with single door function.

The other entrance has double doors and has amazing sidelight window. Although this is kind of big house, but the user can make a sidelight window between the door. Instead of glass concept, sidelight window can also use coloring glass with nice ornament. Thus, you can add iron border with beautiful shape like flower shape for each window. This concept is perfect for classic house that obtains such a classic nuance.

You may have a front door with glass made with wooden frame. This kind of door can also have sidelight window. This door uses transparent glass with nice white decoration and white frame coloring. Thus, the same concept is also applied to the both sidelight window with the same coloring and ornament. So, with this transparent glass door and window, you can see the outside view. This is perfect to applied for modern house.

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