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Kitchen, Patterned Floor Tiles, Grey Top, Wooden Cabinet, White Wall, Dented Wall, Wooden Pendant, Grey Island With Wooden Door
Kitchen, Grey Wooden Floor, Wooden Bottom Cabinet, Wooden Kitchen Top, Wooden Floating Shelves, White Stove, Window, White Fridge
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wooden Bottom Cabinet, Grey Marble Top, Wooden Round Table, Wooden Chairs, Window Bench, Pendant
Kitchen, Wooden Bottom Cabinet, Wooden Drawers On Top, White Marble Top, White Wooden Floating Shelves, White Wall
Kitchen, Seamless Floor, Wooden Bottom Cabinet, Wooden Top, Wooden Floating Shelves, White Wall, Wooden Ceiling
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wooden Plank Wall, White Wooden Ceiling With Beams, White Wooden Bottom Cabinet, Wooden Table, Wired Stools
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Rattan Rug, White Wall, Wooden Bottom Cabinet With White Top, White Wall, Wooden Floating Shelves, White Pendants, Wooden Dining Set
Kitchen, White Kitchen Top, Wooden Bottom Cabinet, Wooden Corner Floating Shelves, White Wall, Tiles On The Kitchen Top Frame
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Rug, Wooden Table, Black Wooden Chairs, Whtie Wall, Green Bottom Cabinet, Wooden Floating Shevles, Pendant
Kitchen, Grey Floor, Rattan Rug, White Wall, Wooden Botto Sheles With Wooden Top, Glass Window, Wooden Floating Shelves, Silver Hood

Kitchen can be really crucial when you use kitchen as a place where people are gather around and share their day while you or someone else prepare the food. Kitchen should be really comfortable and the space should be practical without forgetting to be pretty. These below are ten gorgeous kitchens where you will find simplicity and comfort is easily found in the room.

Use the Space
This modern kitchen with green bottom cabinet and complemented with brown wood is placed under a complicated ceiling that might make the room feel cramped. However, this one successfully creates a fresh and simple look that does not make the space to be more complicated.

Modern Wooden Kitchen
This one here shows a tidy and simple look. Even though the open bottom shelves can make the space looks cluttered when it is not treated well, it clearly makes the room looks more friendly and open. The large window on the side makes sure the kitchen gets all the light and air it needs.

Simple Kitchen
This tall kitchen presents a very endearing look with its simplicity of open shelves on the upper part of the kitchen. It is balanced with the smooth and lean bottom cabinet with warm wood material. This look is balanced by the wooden dining set.

Without Upper Part
This one here shows its simplicity with putting nothing on the wall for the upper part of the kitchen. The little “shelves” is seen from the dented wall near the sink. The color is neutral brown and white and white a little colors on the floor. It’s all sweet and simple.

All Wood
Although the simplicty of this kitchen here is shown from the wooden material that’s used on the entire surface, besides window, it doesn’t make the room too warm. It looks neutral and modern and simple.

Warm and Simple
This simple kitchen shows that simplicity can also brings in warmth. The wooden material and the open shelves on the wall and on the bottom brings more friendly vibe to the kitchen.

Wooden Stage
This one here, in its simplicity, adds an interesting box of wooden drawers on top of the kitchen top. This parts the kitchen top into two with this addition. The simple look does not look so simple right now.

Corner Shelves
If you are struggling with small space, putting corner shelves like this makes it possible to feel like you have more space. And although neutral look on the wall makes the kitchen feels spacious, some details like tiles with interesting shape make the space looks even more interesting.

White Modern Kitchen
This kitchen shows a simple and fresh look in the room. The interesting part of the kitchen is the fancy look on the ceiling.

Breakfast Spot on the Window
This simple kitchen looking so pretty not only because of the simplicity of the kitchen arrangement but also because of the small breakfast spot near the window. It makes the kitchen looks so comfortable and warm.

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