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minimalist rustic wood platform bed frame idea with solid wood headboard in black fluffy & deep grey area rug cool shabby wood wall system light grey silver corner chair wood floors clean white walls Urban Design CTR

Contemporary Platform Bed With Under Storage Drawers White Recessed Drawer System With Mirror White Recessed Closet Organizer White Window Shutters
Simple & Minimalist Plywood Bed With Lower Headboard And Under Storage Retro Style Plywood Console Table Timber Walls And Roofs Plywood Floors
Minimalist Rustic Wood Platform Bed Frame Idea With Solid Wood Headboard In Black Fluffy & Deep Grey Area Rug Cool Shabby Wood Wall System Light Grey Silver Corner Chair Wood Floors Clean White Walls
Plywood Bed Design With Separated Green Headboard Clean White Comforter Full Length Plywood Bard For Attaching Night Lamps Plywood Bedside Tables
Charming And Warming Rustic Wood Bed Design With Traditional Headboard Vintage Style Wood Bedside Tables With Table Lamps Darker Wood Floors Traditional Area Rug With Flower Motifs Attic Roof Model
Single Wood Bed Design With Headboard White Duvet With Nature Motifs Window Curtain With Floral Motif Dark Toned Wood Floors
Plywood Loft Bed Design Plywood Walls Red Wall System With Glass Window Plywood Floors Wall Integrated Storage System
Efficient Space Loft Wood Bed For Kids With Stairs And Yellow Seating Area Underneath Fluffy Grey Rug Black Finished Floors
Scandinavian Style Bedroom Idea With Wood Bed Plus Log Cut Headboard Light Beige Floors Black Walk In Closet Storage System And White Bathtub
Contemporary Plywood Bed With Headboard Bedroom Rug With Multicolor Stripes Pattern Contemporary Plywood Bedside Tables Medium Toned Wood Floors Light Blue Walls Glass Windows With White Shutters

People spend one-third of their life for sleeping. That’s why we should have cozy bed and its supporting things like pillows, bed linen/sheet, duvet, or comforter. Even more, we ideally have stylish bed design that suits our aesthetic taste and preference. The bed design is really important because it’s able to add the value of bedroom itself. Well, there are a lot of bed design options and one of the most wanted one today is wooden-made bed products that give the natural look for any styles of bedroom. Here, we want to share tens of cozy and simple wood bed designs that will give you much more options of wood bed for your living space. Find your favorite and start to enjoy the best quality of sleeping in the bed you’ve selected.

Wood Loft Bed for Older Kids

This is a lovely wood loft bed design. The bed is supported with simple wood ladder for making the user easier in accessing the top area, especially the bed, and most interesting, we’ll find a sitting area under the bed. This sitting area can be used when friends come over and want to have small chats in the bedroom.

Wood Platform Bed for Wide-Open Bedroom

If you have a wide-open bedroom, complete it with simple but elegant wood platform bed. This kind of bed offers large space for sleeping, so it gives the ultimate comfort. It also has simple, minimalist, but stylish look, matching for you who want to own a stylish and cozy personal space.

Contemporary Wood Platform Bed with Under Storage Drawers

Optimize your platform bedroom by adding under storage drawers as the alternative storage. These drawers are smart alternative to load any bed properties or bed supplies like bed linens, pillows, duvets, or comforters.

Hardwood Bed Design with Headboard in Modern Rustic

If you’re looking for a simple and rustic bed design, this one may fit your choice. The bed is built from hardwood without finishing and it still exposes the hardwood’s natural color tones. Such look, of course, will add special beauty for the bed and the bedroom in general.

Solid Wood Platform Bed with Integrated Side Tables in Modern Minimalist Style

Solid wood platform bed with integrated side tables – this bed design is really fantastic and luxurious. Its integrated side tables become the special as well as unique elements for the bed. These tables also add the beauty value that’s full of function. Two other stuffs, hand-knitted mat and console table, are made in similar tone to the bed for creating balanced appearance.

Modern Minimalist Platform Bed in Dark Color

Another unique design of wood platform bed is by extending its side tables that have been integrated before. Add other modern interior stuffs like bedroom mat, chair, and table lamps to make the room much more attractive.

Modern Wood Bed with Higher Headboard and Integrated Side Tables

A modern wood bed idea with higher headboard and integrated side tables – One that makes this so interesting is the bed’s side tables. They are not only integrated into the bed itself, but they are also extended to each left-right side wall. This creates a unique perspective: a bed and wall seem united.

Wood Bed Design with Shaped Headboard in Traditional Style

Traditional but stylish – These are two words describing this wood bed model. The bed is beautified with simple shape headboard. The owner adds several additional furniture items like side table and single wood chair in different color tones, making this room has attractive look.

Reclaimed Wood Bed Idea in Modern Rustic

This wood bed is made from solid and reclaimed wood and designed in rustic style. This bed is beautifully elegant and can fit any bedroom decorations. It depends on the owner; if the owner wants to present the obvious and strong rustic look, just feature your rustic bed with any rustic touches on it. Like this picture; you’ll find dominant rustic items to complete a rustic-style bedroom.

Rustic-Style Wood Bed for Wood Slanted-Roof Cabin

If you want to re-model your bedroom for your cabin, this idea may be your best choice. Complete your personal room with this reclaimed wood bed with headboard. Add the extra comfort in your bedroom just by covering a grey bedroom rug and white bed linen & pillows. Rustic console table and a couple of bedside table complete the bedroom’s function.

Reclaimed Log Loft Bed in Extra Large Size

This industrial loft bed is built from reclaimed logs which are arranged orderly into an extra-large loft bed. Uniquely, the bed has a couple of integrated black steel side tables which make them a contrast accent for the bed. Such bed model, in addition, really fit for loft-space bedrooms.

Unique Wood Bed Design with Extra-Size Headboard and Mounted Side Tables

An interior designer calls this bed a Danish bed design. One makes this bed so unique and different is its extra-size headboard and a couple of mounted side tables. The whole parts of bed are constructed from the best quality wood and the bed looks so elegant and warm if it’s completed with clean white bed linen, full-covered duvet, and pillows. To make these beautifully contrast, place the bed in a bedroom with concrete walls and floors.

Cool Shabby Black Wood Bed Model for Mediterranean Bedroom

This clean white bedroom is beautified by several unique interior items, and each item has attractive and strong characteristic. Take a look at the bed; it has cool shabby black finish and whitewash bamboos as the headboard. This, of course, creates the uniqueness in look and layout idea. Next, we also find bedroom’s properties which are dominated by white, like white ceramic bedside tables (in modern style), white bean-bag chair, and white cotton rug. All these elements are perfect combination.

Pine Bed Design in Contemporary Style

A pine-made loft bed in contemporary style – it’s a perfect item for having a cozy personal room like a bedroom. Like this picture, the bed is featured with textured soft-grey bed linen and pillows. A pine bench with black iron base also adds another cozy spot when the owner wants to take a seat and enjoys the relaxing hours. Large white shelves at the back’s bed seems so inviting and provides huge amounts of space for storing the favorite books, small decorative items, and even the photographs.

Simple Minimalist Plywood Bed with Lower Headboard

This is called a sustainable bedroom idea. The bedroom is a collaboration of heavy timber walls & roofs and affordable crafted-plywood furniture & floors. The bed itself is designed in simple and minimalist, and it features a couple of under storage and lower headboard. Then see the console tables; both are designed in cool retro style.

All-Plywood Bed Idea

Just by doing little observation, we’ve found that this room is fully dominated by plywood, starting from its facade to furniture. Yet, there is most interesting item here; that’s true, it’s the bed. The loft bed is laid deeper into the vacant space between the plywood walls. A pair of night lamps recessed on wall’s bottom provides sufficient light for the user.

Mini Plywood Loft Bed Idea for Slanted-Roof Room

It’s still about plywood but different design and purpose. This one is particularly designed in mini size and it’s used as a reading chair. Interestingly, the bookshelves are set under the staircases and the lighting is naturally provided by huge glass window installed on the slanted-wall. It’s so unique, right?

Black-Painted Wood Bed Design with Black-Framed White Headboard

Black-painted wood bed design with white headboard which is garnished by simple black frame – such bed design is really simple but elegant and it fits any bedroom decorations. The room is completed with black and white color tones as the dominant scheme by purpose. The floors, in other hand, are intentionally made in different to give special accent to this room.

Industrial Loft Bed with Larger Headboard

luxurious wood loft bed design with extended headboard wood bedside tables grey rug floating wood shelf waterproof wooden floors

USA Beaulieu Flooring

This one is recommended for you urban people. The loft bed is originally constructed from Almond wood and it the larger headboard. The bed is surrounded by all-wood-made supporting items like small wood-made bedside tables and single floating wood shelf for putting books, ornaments, and others.

Simple White-Painted Wood Bed with Storage Underneath

Use the vacant space under your bed by adding the storage under the bed like this one. These storage systems are available for accommodating your bedroom supplies like pillows, blankets, duvets, comforters, and even pajamas. Such bed model, also, obviously fits for the guest room.

Japanese-Styled Wood Bed Design

This bed is so inspiring for you who love oriental style bedroom decoration, especially Japanese-style bedroom. The bed is designed integrated to floor and it just have a futon covered by comfortable bed linen. It’s optional if you want to add the pillows and other bed properties.

Raised Wood Bed Design

It’s unique if we have a raised wood bed like in this picture. It looks like we have a pile of wood board that then they are turned into a unique and stylish bed. Complete it with traditional bench and white fluffy rug to make the room warmer and much more attractive.

Plywood Bed Design with Storage Underneath and Separated Green Headboard

Plywood bed design with storage underneath and separated green headboard may be your next choice when you’re going to remodel your bedroom. In this room, we’ve discovered a full-length plywood board for fitting a couple of night lamps and green headboard. Here, we also find another plywood use like the bedside table and bench-bed under window.

Single Wood Bed with Headboard for Guest/ Kids Room

Such wood bed idea is commonly used for guest room or kids’ room where we need more than one bed furniture. The bed’s model is very simple and each bed has been completed with headboard. A small bedside table is laid between the beds, offering little space for laying or putting our small but precious things here. This bedside table is also always used to place a night lamp.

Modern Minimalist Wood Bed Model

This minimalist wood bed is built from plywood. The bed is collaborated with book shelves-headboard, so we can take or put our favorite books when we’re getting relax in bed. The bed also has storage underneath where the bed supplies like pillows, blankets, or comforters are stored orderly.

Unique Wood Bed Model for Beach-Style Bedroom Design

It’s really unique if we involve more than one kind of wood in such beach-style bedroom. Like this picture, it shows the use of solid wood and plywood dominantly and both take crucial part in this room. It’s clear to see that the solid wood is used for the bed, whereas the plywood is used for the wall. The floors are also built from cool shabby wood and they’re garnished with grey mats in some spots. We also find white decorative items like pots for vivid plants in this room.

Low-Base Wood Bed Design

The bed is constructed from best quality plywood and it is designed in low-base model. The designer uses a little bit green and grey colors as the tone accents (we can find at the bed’s body and headboard) and white clean walls are consciously chosen to create a contrast appearance in the room.

Urban-Style Wood Bed Design with Fireplace Addition

This wood bed is designed in urban style and it has extended bedside tables & shelves where we can put the books and other small stuffs here. A standard fireplace adds something attractive that can make this room warmer. Grey soapstone floors and red bricks that surround the fireplace show that the homeowner wants to keep the natural items in this personal room.

Contemporary Plywood Bed Idea with Headboard

This bedroom design idea is the right choice to adapt for you who want to re-model your old bedroom into a simple but modern in look. The bed’s material is the plywood and it’s designed by high-skill creator. Take a look at the bedside tables; they’re so stylish but full of simplicity. Their clean and simple design has been successfully attracted everyone seeing them. The multicolor-stripes rug gives an accent in this room.

Scandinavian-Style Bed Design with Log-Cut Headboard

It’s true that just few people that recognize what Scandinavian-style bedroom looks like. Actually, there is no specific characteristic of Scandinavian-style bedroom, and this one is just one of custom Scandinavian bedroom. The bed is obviously built from solid wood and the headboard is creatively made from the log-cut that is finished in clear finishing.

Contemporary Loft Wood Bed for Kids

Different to other common loft bed for kids, this one has been featured with wood stairs with book shelves underneath. At the top, we’ve find stylish yellow tent as the bed’s accessory. Deep and fluffy grey rug completes the dark-finished wood floors. And, a yellow seat offers a cozy sitting area where the kids and their friends can have fun conversation there.

Classic-Style Wood Bed Design

Classic bedroom idea is really identical with detail and luxurious look. Each interior item has been exposed in much more details. The bed, for instance, displays many handcrafted ornaments that can be found at the bed base, headboard, and rail. Such design idea, of course, makes the bedroom much more valuable.

Traditional Wood Bed Design for Guest Room

This traditional wood bed has been finishing in dark-toned wood color, creating beautifully elegant and contrast look among the other interior items. It also has longer and pointed pillars. A gold-schemed round mirror becomes an interesting accent that’s able to beautify the room.

Modern Rustic Redwood Bed Idea

This bed is made of reclaimed redwood and it has been completed with unique tree-cut headboard. This salvaged bed idea is elegant and simple choice of product you must select if you want to re-model your bedroom into a cool modern rustic.

Log Bed Idea in Raw Rustic Look

It’s absolutely unique and fantastic! The bed is professionally designed in most unique shape. The designer uses logs to construct the bed’s body and completes it with cowhide headboard and artistic moose antlers.

Sleek Log Bed Idea in Mix Rustic-Traditional Style

sleek log bed model in rustic traditional style warm cream area rug log working table and chair hardwood bedside table with table lamp

Lakota Cove

A sleek log bed idea with log headboard and top addition – this is a great and inspiring idea for raw rustic bedroom remodel. And the most interesting thing is that the bed is a combination of two different styles: traditional-rustic which are easy found at its design/ model and material use.

High-End Rustic Wood Bed Design

High-end rustic wood bed design which the richness of patterns, textures, and rustic color tones. The bed is designed in shabby but stylish, so it can be able to be the most striking item in this room. It means, the bed is the most recognized item among the variety of wooden species.

Reclaimed Wood Bed Design with Traditional Headboard

A reclaimed wood bed design with traditional headboard – at glance, the bedroom uses the combination of traditional barn and contemporary look. Reclaimed wood is chosen to create a sharp contrast in room.

Modern Minimalist Wood Bed Model

Modern minimalist wood bed model – such bed model fits open-wide bedroom space. The wooden wall that’s rich of wood color schemes allows the homeowner feels free in setting and laying the wood bed out nearly to the that wall. Moreover, the wall also features a couple of mounted bedside tables precisely in right-left sides of bed.

Industrial Wood Platform Bed Option

Industrial Wood Platform Bed Option – this bed is really cool and simple. The designer selects dark finish to cover this wood bed. The bed is also equipped with two separated headboards that seemly create two independent spaces in one sleeping space. Interestingly, there is black aluminum wires/ webs railing system at the back of bed, separating the open space where the bedroom and another room are existed.

Industrial Wood-Made Platform Bed Model for Urban People

Industrial wood-made platform bed model for Urban People – this is one of most recommended platform bed products that fit your choice, urban people. Add your bedroom with modern, elegant, and luxurious wood platform bed like this one. Grey color scheme seems so awesome to be collaborated to this space.

Reclaimed Pine Bed Frame Model in Antique Look

Reclaimed pine bed frame model in antique look- create an eco and antique-look bedroom just by adding such reclaimed pine bed frame in your bedroom. Don’t forget to feature it with barn-look interior items like bedroom bench which is made of shabby but cool wooden and joist material floors.

Rustic Wood Bed Frame Idea with Higher Headboard

Just do bedroom remodel by adding it with stylish rustic wood bed frame and cowhide-themed room accessories like cowhide area rug, cowhide bedroom bench, and ethnic-style bed linen give attractively peculiar look in the bedroom.

Charming & Warming Rustic Wood Bed Frame for Cabin

The nuance and feeling of warmth appear in such bedroom. The bedroom features an old and antique bed with traditional headboard, traditional area rug, and vintage-style bedside tables. Not only that, the facade also exposes the numerous wood species found in floors, windows’ frames, and ceilings.

Minimalist-Rustic Wood Platform Bed Frame Idea

It must be so awesome to have such bedroom design. A simple wood platform bed which is designed in mix minimalist-rustic style looks so matched if it is collaborated with other rustic & minimalist interior elements like fluffy & deep grey area rug, rustic corner chair, and rustic wood wall.

Simple Rustic Trundle Bed with Ladder

Make sure that your kids have a cozy and warm sleeping area when you have your kids camping or taking a nap at your cabin. One of most recommended bed idea for cabin is a trundle bed with ladder. Add ventilators and windows to make air and light circulation run well.

Twin Timber-Made Beds for Attic Room

Maximize your attic room by using it as a cozy and inviting bedroom for your twin, kids, or guests. Add such bed furniture and complete it with other supporting interior items like area rug, table and chair, and bedside table for standing a night lamp.

Pine Log Bunk Beds with Log Ladder Units

This cabin’s bedroom is dominantly built from logs of cedar and the bunk beds are constructed from logs of pine. Such concept is really unique and just a few people adapt it. Overall, the logs create the nuance and look of warmth and elegance.

Mountain-Style Wood Loft Bed Idea

This simple bed is called a mountain-style loft bed design. The bed is made of hardwood which has been covered by natural dark brown finish. It’s larger than common bed, so it’s possible for you to have much more space when you’re using it. Its dark scheme, also, allows you to own a beautiful contrast to bedroom’s interior.

Traditional Girls Wood Bed with Bed Curtains

White-painted wood bed for girls in traditional style – this one is merely one of thousands girls bed ideas that can be adapted easily. Complete the room with other girls stuffs like cute animal stuffs, girly bed curtains, fluffy bedroom mat, and ornamental flowers attached on bed curtains. It’s so cute, right?

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