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small classic kids bathroom design with an under mount sink, beaded inset cabinets, white cabinets, marble countertops, multicolored walls and mosaic tile floors Robert Frank Interiors

Traditional Bathroom With Shaker Cabinets, White Cabinets And White Walls White Chair With Turquoise Cushion Ceramic Tiles Floors Big Rectangles Mirror
Mid Sized Contemporary Master Bathroom With A Trough Sink, Flat Panel Cabinets, White Cabinets, White Walls, Solid Surface Countertops And White Floors
Large Contemporary Master Corner Shower With Flat Panel Cabinets, Medium Tone Wood Cabinets, White Walls, A Vessel Sink, A Two Piece Toilet, Beige Tile, Matchstick Tile And Engineered Quartz Counte
Timeless Bathroom Remodel With Recessed Panel Cabinets, White Cabinets And A Two Piece Toilet Wallpaper Square Mirror Sconces Crystal Jars White Tiles Ceramic Wall
Modern Bathroom With Shaker Cabinets, Dark Wood Cabinets, A Drop In Tub, Beige Tile And Multicolored Walls White Tub Fixed Lamps
Large Transitional Master Bathroom With An Undermount Sink, Gray Cabinets, Gray Tile, White Tile, Gray Walls, Mosaic Tile, Gray Floors, Shaker Cabinets, An Alcove Shower, A Two Piece Toilet, Cerami
Eclectic Corner Shower With An Under Mount Sink, Recessed Panel Cabinets And White Cabinets Vanity In White Paint Medium Toned Wooden Floors
A Trendy Bathroom With Mosaic Tile White Vanity With White Countertop White Chair And Tub Flower Vase White Artistic Bathroom Jars
Mid Sized Classic Master Bathroom With A Drop In Sink, Shaker Cabinets, Dark Wood Cabinets, White Walls, Glass Tile, Porcelain Floors And Quartzite Countertops
Small Classic Kids Bathroom Design With An Under Mount Sink, Beaded Inset Cabinets, White Cabinets, Marble Countertops, Multicolored Walls And Mosaic Tile Floors

Vanity is a vital part in our powder room to beautify ourselves after we take a bath. A lot of vanities are sold but not all of them can be practical in your house. If you want to have the right way to choose single sink vanity with makeup area, this article will give you every tips and tricks you need to know about it.

The Right Placement of the Vanity

The first rule of choosing a single sink vanity with makeup area is that you need to place it carefully, especially if it is in the bathroom. Be careful with the pipeline because incorrect technique can push the blockage further down the pipeline. You may need a professional plumber.

Better Vanity Layout

If you have compact area in the bathroom you can use the corner space for powdering area. You can add flower vase in the corner because it can’t be used thus you can have the corner as the aesthetic spot.

Stay Away from Wet Area

Makeup area supposes to be dry because you don’t want to ruin your make up. Thus, it will be better if you place the sink vanity away from your tub or shower. This bathroom also gives you more private area by separating it in walls.

Artificial Lighting for Ample Brightness

Lighting is essential part when we are going to do our make up. Having to touch up in room where in imbalanced brightness resulting in flawed make up. You need ample lighting and artificial lighting help you very much.

The Right Sconces Choices

Sconces come in many forms from artistic and ornate to sleek and simple. A sconces can hold only one bulb while the other can have more than one. Use single-bulb sconces spread farther apart around eye level for the brightness while  two light fixture spaced closer together eliminate shadow.

The Selection of Color for Your Single Sink Vanity

If you already choose your single sink vanity, make sure that it goes well with the color of your bathroom. You might as well have minor change by repainting the bathroom or adding the right wallpaper to match your vanity.

Single Sink Vanity in Black Cabinet and White Countertop

Single Sink Vanity in two colors are also favored by many families. It gives richer looks compared to vanity that has only one color. This is a great idea if you like contrasting appearance. The natural brown color is balanced by white color to create a warm area when you beautify yourself.

Matching Furniture Ideas

Matching the look of your furniture in your bathroom creates a unity aesthetic look. thus, you may buy a set of furniture if you can afford them. They will surely look good in your house.

Asymmetric Ideas in Symmetric Vanity

Just because it’s a vanity with double rooms for make up, you don’t have to use them both. The owner of this vanity sink only use one side of the vanity and decide to put a beautiful vase on the other side and use tnhhe area below as a storage.

Large Mirrors on the Wall

Adequate size of mirror is needed so you can see your reflection better. Thus, it is OK if you decide to have not one, but two large mirrors in your single sink vanity.

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