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sliding glass door drapes crisp khaki paint for ceiling club chair silver wide hanging curtain rod with bracket Sara Hopkins Interiors

Sliding Glass Door Drapes Midcentury Bedroom White Mongolian Lamb Bench Buckwheat Sleeping Pillow Grey Drapes
Sliding Glass Door Drapes Traditional Kitchen Curtains Roman Shade Fabric Borders Single Handle Pull Out Faucet
Sliding Glass Door Drapes Diane James Heavenly Green Satin Black Ceiling Fan Currey And Company Cuff Occasional Table
Sliding Glass Door Drapes Traditional Living Room Transitional Dining Room Rustic Style Patterned Rug
Sliding Glass Door Drapes Crisp Khaki Paint For Ceiling Club Chair Silver Wide Hanging Curtain Rod With Bracket
Sliding Glass Door Drapes Terzani Atlantischandelier Latte Roller Shade Soft Pink Furniture Glamour Room Decorations
Sliding Glass Door Drapes Classic Dining Room Knotted Rug Unique Chandelier Brown Gold Drapery
Sliding Glass Door Drapes Scandinavian Living Room Satin Steel Floor Lamp Ottoman White Couch
Sliding Glass Door Drapes Midcentury Bedroom Brown Classic Comfort Pillow Red Poly Fiber Accent Pillow Custom Fabricated Patio Door
Sliding Glass Door Drapes Cream Iron Hardware Bright Flowery Curtain Wooden Dining Table White Sliding Door

Sliding glass door is a nice, modern, and efficient door made from glass. It is suitable for simple and modern home design. Although it can be expensive but some people prefer the sliding glass door than the traditional one because of the design and style. Sliding glass door is a translucent door that will give you a natural lighting from the sun. But you will not have enough privacy. People from the outside can see you when you are on the inside of your home. Thus, it is better to set a drapery or curtain on your sliding glass door. It also can be useful if you do not want the sunlight to come brightly through the sliding glass door. Here are the sliding glass door drapes Ideas that you will give you some inspiration on sliding glass door treatment.

Same Tone Sliding Glass Door Draper

You should get the strong cornice that will hold the weight of the fabric and secure the hardware safely to the wall. You can get orange brown sliding glass door draper that has the same tone with your warm formal living and dining rooms.

Sliding Glass Door Drapes for A Small Room

This sliding glass door drape comes with a great curtain hanger. You also can install a satin black ceiling fan and custom hickory floor with Rubio Monotone finish. You can arrange two cushioned chairs with a puffy occasional table for this small room.

Elegant Master Bedroom with Sliding Glass Door

You can update your master bedroom with a sliding glass door and grey curtain. You can have an elegant master bathroom with enlarged bathroom. It has a white Mongolian lamb bench and buckwheat sleeping pillow for your comfort.

Custom Fabricated Sliding Glass Door

You can make custom fabricated doors for your bedroom and paint it with a red brick color. You should hang a wide cream curtain.

White Sliding Glass Door Drapes

You can advance your minimalist design for living room with the sliding glass door and white curtain. The white color is suitable with the color of the room. for the further lighting, you can get satin steel floor lamp.

Glamour Dining Room with Big Sliding Glass Door

The gold patterned sliding glass door drapes is suitable for your glamourous style dining room. The sliding glass door also has Latte roller shade in the middle. You can get a set of pink dining table and a Terzani Atlantis chandelier.

Sliding Glass Doors for Dining Room

You can get a brown curtain for your sliding glass door. Your dining room will be more comfortable if you put cream knotted rug.

sliding glass door drapes classic dining room knotted rug unique chandelier brown gold drapery

Kathy Bloodworth Interior Design

Unique Curtain

The sliding glass door drapes can have a unique pattern such as the adjoining plaid.

Traditional Kitchen with Sliding Door

You can get a transparent white sliding glass door drape with small linear patterned in the above for your traditional kitchen.

Beautiful Drapes

You can get a wide beautiful flowery curtain. The curtain will not be as poufy. It has the cream iron hardware.

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