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Sliding Glass Shower Door Black And White Marble Tiles Mosaic Floor Tile Recessed Lighting Shower Head Built In Bathtub
Sliding Glass Shower Door Blue Mosaic Wall Tiles White Floating Vanity Sink Faucet Mirror Orange Mat Drawers Shower Head
Sliding Glass Shower Door Sliding Glass Barn Door Wooden Stool White Vanity Beige Countertop Blue Sink Bowl Wall Mounted Faucets Mirrors
Sliding Glass Shower Door Blue Shower Wall Tiles Mirror Shower Head White Tub Toilet Marble Floor Vanity Sink Faucet
Sliding Glass Shower Door Black Shower Tile White Sink Black Cabinet Mirror Wall Sconce White Wall White Towels
Sliding Glass Shower Door Frameless Glass Door White Bathtub Window Brown Cabinets Shower Head Beige Floor Tiles
Sliding Glass Shower Door White Vanity White Sink Toilet Wall Sconce White Floor Tile Bamboo Shower Flooring Window Mirror
Sliding Glass Shower Door Frosted Glass Mirrors Wall Sconces Black Bathtub Tub Filler Towel Holder Grey Vanity Sinks
Sliding Glass Shower Door Frosted Glass Window Rain Shower Head Towel Holders Wooden Vanity White Sink Mirror Backsplash
Sliding Glass Shower Door Grey Floor Tile Freestanding Bathtub Wooden Side Table Chandelier Marble Wall Windows Shower Head

A Bathroom with shower should have a glass door or a waterproof curtain that will avoid the bathroom floor outside the shower area get wet. The glass doors and curtains can prevent the splash of water out and make the bathroom dirty. Besides maintaining the bathroom cleanliness, the glass doors can be a functional architectural bathroom feature. It can make the bathroom looks spacious with the clear glass material. There are many glass shower door designs we can get. A sliding glass shower door is a modern and practical shower door. Here are some efficient sliding glass shower door ideas that will inspire you to have a nice and modern shower door.

Shower Area with Marble Walls

The sliding glass shower door and border aren’t installed from the floor to the ceiling. There is enough space under the ceiling for the air circulation in this bathroom. The shower space is decorated with the white marble walls.

The Frosted Glass Shower Doors

These sliding glass doors can be opened in both ways that make the doors so unique. The frosted glass can be used if you want more privacy. The frosted glass naturally gives soft blue color in this bathroom.

Floor to Ceiling Sliding Glass Shower Door

This bathroom features a double shower tub, sliding glass door, a floating vanity, a wall mirror, and blue shower wall tile. You can install the tub while having a shower area in a small bathroom as a space-saving way.

A Frameless Sliding System

In this bathroom, the sliding glass door protects both the shower space and the tub. This frameless sliding system also uses nice shower door hardware and handle.

A Black and White Bathroom

Although this bathroom is small, the simplicity of the black and white color combination make this bathroom look more spacious. The black tiled shower is covered with an amazing sliding glass shower door.

Less Chance of Leaking

The sliding glass shower doors have a couple a couple of inches overlap and the shower head is on a long arm. It makes the water angle doesn’t promote leaking. It is also better to place the sliding glass door on outside for less chance of leaking.

The Sliding Crystal Clear Glass Shower Doors

This bathroom offers the sliding crystal clear glass frameless shower door and spacious shower area. It also features black and white marble walls tiles that give an artistic layout.

A Sliding Glass Barn Door

This sliding glass barn door is amazing. The hardware is installed on the shower area entry and the wall perfectly. There are blue and white Mediterranean porcelain sink bowls, some storages, and a stool.

Small Bathroom with Sliding Glass Shower Door

The shower space seems hidden in this bathroom layout. The white minimalist vanity has some white drawers and a white undermount sink.

A Contemporary Asian Bathroom with Frosted Glass Window

This contemporary bathroom can be created although it has a narrow space. To get the natural lighting, a frosted glass window is installed on the shower area.

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