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small bedroom, wooden floor, white wall, white curtain, white bed, grey sofa, Limaonagua

Small Apartment, Wooden Floor, Wooden Fence, Grey Cornered Sofa, Round Wooden Coffee Table, Bed, Sconces, Chandelier
Small Apartment, Wooden Floor, Grey Wall, White Sofa, Black Tufted Bench, Black White Coffee Table, Glass Pendants, Rug
Small Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Curtain, White Bed, Grey Sofa,
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Sofa, Glass Partition, Glass Door
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Black Sofa, Nesting Coffee Table, Grey Chair, Glass Pendant, Grey Rug, Bed
Small Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Golden Pendants, White Marble Round, Soft Chair, Light Blue Sofa, Blue Rug, White Bed, Green Headboard, Sconces
Small Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Ceiling, White Shelves, Built In Entertainment Cabinet, White Sofa, Round Side Table, Black Patterned Rug
Bedroom, Marble Floor, Grey Wall, White Framed Glass Partition, Black Chair, Glass Window
Small Apartment, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Two Glass Partition, White Sofa, Black Leather Chair, White Coffee Table
Small Apartment, White Wall, White Wooden Floor, White Cabinet, White Bed, White Sofa, Round Glass Coffee Table, White Make Up Station

If you live in an apartment, you would know that space is priceless. You would want to save space as much as possible without making the space look too crowded. Arranging the furniture and space would be challenging. If you’re looking for ideas to create a comfortable apartment, you would love these ones. These below are some modern and beautiful apartment setting that will make you comfortable at home.

White Setting
In limited space or small space, using white color would be most convenient. It is an easy color that can go with any color. White is so easy to combine. Here below is the proof how white can make the room looks bright and large.

Sophisticated Bedroom
This one here puts the space into bedroom and living room and put glass partition that does not block any light to next space. With white shelves and sofa, the room supports the bright ambiance while the black rug and grey accent wall and the curtain balance the contrast.

Fresh Combination
This apartment sets a really fresh and sophisticated look. The bright and light colored touches, the interesting details (like the copper pendants, marbled tulip table, or the bold green headboard) and the patterns on the wall, all give the room the prettiest combination.

Wooden Partition
In combining spaces in a small room, sometimes we would need partition. It can be in so many forms. This one here uses wooden partition that looks light and lets lots of bright light from the bed area to the living area.

Bright Light
With a limited space, putting as much light as possible could help a lot. This one room looks stunning with big glass windows both in the bed area and living area. The soft and enutral color touches bring an easy look.

Long Space
This one here shows how you can make a long shape room into a pretty space. With glass partition and a door on it, this space looks light and bright as well as pretty. The glass partition, window and coffee table bring subtle gloss to this space.

White Partition
Similar to the previous oen, this one puts a fresh look in the bedroom with the help of white framed partition. This partition make a clear but light line in the bedroom.

Compact Apartment
For a small apartment, sometimes it is easier to just choose the minimalist design. This one put a simple bed in the corner and separate it with a curtain while the living area looks modern and light as well.

Comfortable Modern
Neutral combination can also support a small space. This one here puts many of grey shades in one space and make it look easy in the eye while also look comfortable.

Two Sides Partition
While the previous one put the partition firmly in the middle, this one here uses the partition as pretty accents that would make the room more stunning .

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