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apartment, white wall, wooden floor, black cabinet, black kitchen cabinet, white dining table, black sofa, ottoman Limaonagua

Apartment, White Floor, White Wall, Rattan Pendant, White Sofa, Black Tray Round Coffee Table, Mirror
Small Apartment, Wooden Floor, White Round Dining Table, Chairs, White Small Kitchen, Rattan Pendant
Apartment, White Curtain, Whelves On The Wall, Under The Bed, Grey Sofa, Wooden Floor, Patterned Rug
Apartment, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Round Dining Table, White Chairs, Black Pendant, White Bed, Stidu Table
Apartment, Wooden Floor, Grey Wall, Wooden Table, Black Chair, White Bed, Black Framed Screen, Grey Cabinet
Apartment, Narrow Kitchen, Grey Patterned Rug, White Coffee Table, White Sofa,
Apartment, Wooden Floor, Wooden Cabinet, Brown Sofa, White Top Cabinet, Woden Bottom Cabinet, Glass Dining Table, Purple Chairs
Apartment, White Wall, Wooden Floor, Black Cabinet, Black Kitchen Cabinet, White Dining Table, Black Sofa, Ottoman
Small Apartment, Wooden Floor, Grey Wall, White Shevels, Bedroom With Glass Partition, White Chandelier
Apartment, White Wall, White Floor, White Sofa, White Curtain, Shelves, White Chandelier

When you have limited or small space apartment, space is something that you would cherish the most. And it is understandable if you are having some challenges in making your space can fill every furniture you have. White and neutral shades can help you lightens the mood. Natural touches like wood and marble would make the room feels more lively. And pretty pendants can brings a subtle but pretty finish. These below are some inspirations in making a small apartment into comfortable place that can offer you many functions in one place.

Bohemian Comfort
If you are looking for comfortable setting in the small apartment, this one here shows how bohemian look can make a comfortable place. It combines wooden platform, white curtain, shelves on the wall and on the floor, and some plants that freshen the room.

Complete Set
This apartment sets four function in an open room. Bed area, living area, kitchen area and dining area. Using modern and minimalist details, the open room looks easy and light in the eye. Positioned near the large glass window, the room looks bright and larger.

Compact Apartment
In this quite really small apartment, the space is arranged simply and perfectly well. The narrow kitchen looks functional and comfortable enough. The open room of living and bedroom area unites comfort on these two areas into one.

Airy Small Place
This small space looks perfect in minimalist and bright with white wall and neutral ambiance. This open room brings easiness and simple vibe that does not crowd the space. It allows you to breath, to function, and to enjoy yourself.

White on White
This small space uses white on white setting. And this setting is perfect for a small space. White is a long lasting color that can be combined with any color. And it is an easy background for any theme.

Small Things
It is so understandable when you go for small things to decorate your small space. Seen in this one, this small apartment looks comfortable with all small cabinet, dining set and bed.

Smooth Seamless
Seamless surface, without any details, makes the room looks even brighter and larger. Seamless floor in this one brings glossy finish that looks perfect with the tall mirror and bright light.

Creative and Charming
Although the space is limited, this one successfully brings out a tidy and pretty look. The small space turns into a room with complete function. And there’s crowded feeling as well in here.

Two Rooms
This small apartment looks amazing with bright light from the windows. The glass partition makes sure that nothing blocks the light. And the white wall and floor supports this bright ambiance perfectly well.

Open and Fresh
This small space is decorated with fresh and gorgeous looking. The details in each part of the room makes the room special. The black cabinet puts a strong accent, the dining area puts a classic sight, and the living area brings comfort perfectly well.

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