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small apartment, wooden floor, white dining set, black upper bottom kitchen cabinet, black cupboard, black sofa, floating shelves, bed, white chandelier IVD

Small Apartment, Wooden Floor, Low Wooden Shelves, Grey Sofa, Grey Rug, Coffee Table, Floating Shelves, Fabric Curtain
Small Apartment, Wooden Floor, Wooden Short Shelves Partition, Wooden Bed Platform, Pendant, Grey Sofa, Curtain
Small Apartment, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Grey Bedding, Short Parition, White Sofa, Small Round Coffee Table, White Lounge Chair, White Side Table, Round Mirror
Small Apartment, Wooden Floor, White Dining Set, Black Upper Bottom Kitchen Cabinet, Black Cupboard, Black Sofa, Floating Shelves, Bed, White Chandelier
Small Apartment, Wooden Floor, Grey Sofa, White Bed Platform, White Bed, White Study Table, White Wire Chair, White Wooden Cabinet, White Board Partition
Small Apartment, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Light Grey Sofa Ottoman, White Round Side Table, Glass Partition, White Pendant
Small Apartment, Light Wooden Floor, Blue Sofa, Bedroom With Glass Partition, Shelves, Wooden Round Dining Table With Modern Chairs, Pendant
Small Aartment, Wooden Floor, Black Floor, Wooden Wall Panel, TV, Sofa, Wooden Round Table, Black Pendant, Green Chair, Mirror, Grey Curtain
Small Apartment, Wooden Floor, Brown Sofa, White Study Table, Office Chair, Beige Curtain, Shelves Partition, Yellow Chair, Bed, Round Yellow Rug
Small Apartment, Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Grey Wall, Clothes Rail, TV, Wooden Floor, Grey Sofa, White Round Table, Chairs, Large Windows

Apartment has been a choice young people pick when it comes to live in the big cities. It is simpler and does not require too much maintenance as for people who live i big cities, time at home can be really limited anyway. And when it comes to apartment, it is not rare the space would be small and challenging to decorate. However, these ones below can give you all the ideas you need.

Small Modernity
In this picture below, the simplicity of the choice in creating living room and the separation of the bedroom with glass partition look effortless. It is exactly what young people would love so much for their place.

Light and Pretty
This one here shows a pretty apartment ambiance with large glass windows completed with double layer of curtains. The room itself consists of bed, sofa, chairs, bench and table, and TV. It looks like it has completed the need of place to sleep, to dine, and to relax.

Lovely Ambiance
In this one, the open room offers light and bright ambiance. Although the room is small, it successfully check all the list of needs of dining set, living room, kitchen, and bedroom in a tidy and light manner.

Wooden Elegance
This one here, although the space is small, it successfully brings elegance upon the room. With all the best smooth wooden cabinet and wall panel, the room looks warm and modern. The green chairs in the built-in dining table looks refreshing while the room look neutral in dark and wooden look.

Low and Behold
To make room feels more spacious, putting short and low furniture can be one of the solutions. Seen in this one, the wooden shelves’ height does not have too much differences compare to the surrounding’s furniture.

Comfortable Ambiance
In this one, you can see the comfort that the space offers from the fluffy bed, sofa, and lounge chair. The warmth is seen strongly too from the wooden partition and the floor. With plants on some places, this is a really good spot for those who love bohemian style.

Fabric Partition
For a small space, it can be tricky to separate the private area. However, the easiest trick to do it is with light fabric like this one here. This way, your room will look light and effortless.

Spacious Small Room
This room here looks spacious because of all the light it gets from the window. It’s also because of the difference of wall height that makes the room feels like escalated. The white background and neutral choice of furniture makes it look spacious too.

Modern and Comfortable
This small apartment looks modern and is a great place for a young people to live in. The open and simple lines of the furniture makes the space looks amazing.

Bold Spot
While decorating small spaces, sometimes people concern about neutral and soft colors so that it won’t make the room too cramped. However, a small little bold yellow like this one will not hurt. It makes the room feel fun instead. Combined with the colorful pendant, it finds the rightful place.

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