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balcony, wooden floor, white wall, white wooden fence, wooden corner bench, wooden console table, white luncheon Home Art

Balcony, Wooden Floor, Wooden Built In Bench, Wooden Accent Wall, White Wall, Curtain, Floating Shelves, Pillows
Balcony, Wooden Floor, White Bench, Light Blue Cushion With Back, White Globe Pendant, White Roman Curtain, Brown Cube Ottoman
Balcony, Patterned Floor Tiles, Exposed Brick Wall, Grey Sofa, White Floating Table, White Wooden Chairs With Blue Cushion
Balcony, Wooden Floor, Curtain, Green Chair, Side Table, White Sconces, White Pot
Balcony, Patterned Floor Tiles, Exposed Tiles, Striped Wall, White Bench, Checkered Cushion, Blue Pillows
Balcony, Wooden Floor, White Plank Wall, White Glass Pendant, White Box With Small Cushion, Pillows, Rug
Balcony, Wooden Floor, White Bench With Storage, White Wall, White Floating Shelves, Grey Cushion, Pillows
Balcony, White Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Built In Bench With Purple Cushion, Purple Pillows, White Coffee Table
Balcony, Dark Wooden Floor, Green Sofa, White Wall, Grey Exposed Accent Wall, Orange Small Pendants, Grey Rug
Balcony, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Wooden Fence, Wooden Corner Bench, Wooden Console Table, White Luncheon

If you live in an apartment, you might have been challenged by the small space. And the fresh you can get is the fresh air you breathe in the balcony. This too sometimes can be so narrow that you don’t know how to possibly enjoy it. However, you need not to worry as there are ten stunning small balcony inspirations below that will help you get around on what you want to do.

Purple Bench
This one here poises a pretty look with light neutral color on the wall, floor, and bench and then puts a strong color of purple completed with the pillows. This also combines with white round coffee table.

Simple Square
Adding simple things can make whole lot different. This one here puts wooden cube stool to make some seating and add pillows to secure the comfort. To add decoration pretty pendants are hung from the tall ceiling.

Pretty Simplicity
Although it only has narrow space, this one here can successfully add bench with comfortable cushion and floating table in front it. Neutral color is chosen to make the balcony looks more airy and larger.

Minimalist Comfort
This narrow balcony can perfectly adds comfort and storage neatly in one long bench where you can either sit or lay around. The floating shelves is pretty addition to put some decoration.

One Point
Although this one can provide something like bench or sofa, a nice and strong green chair is positioned here instead. This green chair brings strong impression as it contrasts the neutral color surrounding it.

Small yet Elegant
This small balcony can put up with its challenge and brings out unexpectedly beautiful look. The dark wood floor look rich and makes the surrounding pops out. The green sofa looks lavish especially with small pendants above the sofa.

Neon Checkered Pattern
In this small space, the balcony is surprisingly brave. It adds several patterns at once in the tight space. It can be seen from the patterned floor, two sides of wall with different patterns, and the checkered pattern on the cushion. The color, especially on the bench, makes a strong feeling in this narrow space.

Multi Functional Balcony
Although this one is small, it can hold several functions at once. With the blue sofa, it allows you to spend your time with your friends. or reading your favorite book. And with the floating table and stool, you would be able to have your meal or bring your work in your balcony.

Japanese Minimalism
This balcony does not only acquired the challenge of small space but it can also bring out the best. With the wooden floor, bench, and accent wall, this balcony can acquire Japanese look here.

Beautiful Simplicity
This one here i pretty simple. If you like this setting, all you need is wooden corner bench, wooden console table and several orange and yellow lamps to create a beautiful and sweet look at night.

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